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Club Equipment

At STOTT PILATES, we take great pride in the superior design and professional craftmanship of every piece of equipment we make. When we began developing our line, it was important that our products optimize performance of the full repertoire of Pilates mind-body exericses. We achieved this by carefully selecting the highest quality components, then crafting our equipment eith precision and ingenuity.

Club Reformers

STOTT PILATES offers a complete lineup of Reformers to suit your clients’ needs no matter what they might be. To select the model that’s right for you, consider what kinds of Pilates classes you’re running (private, group, athletic training, rehabilitation-focused, etc.), space availability, type of clientele, budget and the current and future needs of your facility.

Reformers Plus

So much more than a Reformer, this refined Pilates machine is the “first of its kind.” With the innovation of the retractable rope system and traveling pulley system on its Vertical Frame along with the ability to multi-task as a Mat, Cadillac and Reformer, this Reformer offers more exercise possibilities than any other and is perfect for implementing cutting-edge Pilates programming in a limited space.

Cadillac & Wall Units

Add more than 200 exercises to your Pilates repertoire and challenge the body in different planes of motion with the Cadillac Trapeze Table. A key component in any fully equipped facility, this ultra-sturdy unit offers an extensive range of applications for everyone. From post-rehab clients to peak performance athletes – this piece of Pilates equipment provides the perfect place to practice multi-planar strength and flexibility movements.

Stability Chairs

Expand programming options with the multi-functional STOTT PILATES® Split-Pedal Stability Chair. Ideal for those who need to stay in a seated or upright position, the Stability Chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. It also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, as well as rehab clients. Compact and easy to move, the Stability Chair is perfect for studios or gyms with limited space.


STOTT PILATES Barrels are essential for aligning and mobilizing the spine, improving posture and developing balance and control. An economical choice for beginning or building any Pilates program, each Barrel is dedicated to supporting the entire body, allowing for multi-dimensional movements and full range of motion. Barrels are a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver addition to any professional or home studio.


Matwork is the cornerstone of the STOTT PILATES® Method, with numerous exercises and scores of modifications that can be performed in a group fitness or personal training context. Choose from a selection of thick and durable Mats for home, gym and studio use – all designed specifically to protect and cushion the spine through the entire Matwork repertoire.

Balance Equipment

Enhance the benefits of STOTT PILATES exercise by incorporating balance equipment designed to activate core stability and enhance functional fitness. There are many advantages of performing exercises on an unstable base of support which; includes engaging deep stabilizing muscles to maintain body position, increasing workout efficiency and delivering faster results.

Resistance Equipment

STOTT PILATES' array of convenient resistance props add variety and challenge to Matwork exercises and can be used to develop muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.