STOTT PILATES education and certification programs empower instructors to motivate, challenge and retain clients long term.

Often referred to as the "Ivy League" school of Pilates, STOTT PILATES provides you with the depth of knowledge and practical programming options to teach effective group or personal training programs to clients of any age or fitness level – from post-rehabilitation patients to elite athletes.

It's just one of the reasons our graduates are in high demand worldwide.

Program Options

Program Requirements at a Glance

Benefits of Aligning with STOTT PILATES

emPower Program* – Benefits of Certifying with STOTT PILATES

Certification & Examinations

FAQ – Third Party Accreditation & the PMA Exam

Introductory and Continuing Education

General Course Objectives

Observation, Practice Teaching & Physical Review Requirements

Where to Train

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Program Options

Whether you are a fitness professional, a rehab specialist or a club owner, we have a program to meet your needs. Each program is comprised of a series of relevant courses or modules delivered at a pace, duration and location most suitable to you or your organization.

Intensive Program – Level 1

The STOTT PILATES Intensive program is for fitness and health professionals. This program prepares you to teach STOTT PILATES Level 1 Matwork and equipment-based repertoires safely, effectively and with confidence.

Comprehensive Program – Level 1 (available at select locations)

Designed for those with some movement training and exposure to Pilates, Comprehensive courses cover functional anatomy and the practical skills needed to develop effective and motivating Level 1 Matwork and equipment-based programs.

Functional Anatomy (available at select locations)

The Functional Anatomy course fully prepares students for the STOTT PILATES Comprehensive program and serves as a refresher for anyone needing to fulfill the anatomy prerequisite for Intensive courses. The classroom-style presentation utilizes visual aids and hands-on techniques providing students with a thorough review of anatomy basics instrumental in the completion of all Matwork and equipment-based courses

Advanced Program – Level 2

The Advanced program consists of Level 2 courses in Matwork, Reformer, and Cadillac, Chair & Barrels. Completion of the Advanced program is required for full certification.

Injuries & Special Populations

The STOTT PILATES Injuries & Special Populations course equips you with the skills required to address a broad range of physical challenges among your clients. Completion of ISP is required for full certification.

SPX™ Program – Level 1

For fitness clubs that want to quickly and effectively implement a quality group Pilates program, the STOTT PILATES Group SPX programming stream is the answer. Designed especially for group fitness instructors, Group SPX certification courses and workshops provide instructors with the tools they need to teach, progress and inspire their group classes.

Crossover Program (may only be taken after at least one STOTT PILATES course)

Crossover courses were created to offer instructors additional opportunities for professional growth by helping them make the transition from private to group training and vice versa. Unlike our standard courses, crossover options are designed to act as a bridge between the Group program and the Intensive or Comprehensive programs.

Rehabilitation Program

The Rehabilitation program is specifically for licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, sports medicine professionals and chiropractors wishing to integrate modified STOTT PILATES exercises for injury prevention and rehabilitation into their practices.

Specialty Tracks

Set yourself apart by becoming a STOTT PILATES Specialist in the field of your choice. Choose any of our five Specialty Tracks, complete the required workshops and gain access to a whole new client-base. There is no time-limit on completing the components and you earn CECs at the same time!

Program Requirements

Which Program is Right for Me?
Choose the option below that best describes your level of experience.

I am a qualified fitness professional

I want to start a new career in fitness but have little or no professional background

I am a qualified health practitioner or rehab professional

I am a group fitness instructor

I am looking to specialize

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Benefits of Aligning with STOTT PILATES

Despite increased technology and efficiency, now, more than ever, there are multiple demands on your time. Work smarter by streamlining your
efforts, and simplify the way you do business by choosing STOTT PILATES. Because we're an all-in-one resource that has all the answers
you need.

Learn more about the STOTT PILATES Advantage.

emPower Program*

STOTT PILATES' curriculum is continually updated to ensure it complies with modern exercise science and remains relevant to fitness professionals, facility operators and clients. Courses are taught by highly skilled STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Trainers.

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Certification and Examinations

STOTT PILATES certification shows clients and employers that you are a well-qualified professional. At the conclusion of each course, you receive a letter of completion and continuing education credits. STOTT PILATES certification is awarded upon successful completion of a course plus a written and practical exam. Exam material is cumulative so students can certify in stages by taking an exam after each course or after a series of courses, e.g. students certified in Matwork must take a combined Matwork and Reformer exam should they wish to subsequently certify in Reformer. This also applies to students certified in Reformer who wish to move on to CCB certification.

Please note that exams must be taken within six months of the last course completed and that there is a fee associated with each exam. Successful completion of Matwork; Reformer; Cadillac, Chair & Barrels; Advanced Repertoire; ISP courses and exams are required for full certification.

Click here for info on Third Party Accreditation and the PMA Exam

I want to start a new career in fitness but have
little or no professional background

I am a qualified health practitioner or rehab professional

I am a group fitness instructor

Introductory and Continuing Education

To maintain certification and stay up-to-date on skills and programming techniques, STOTT PILATES has implemented a Continuing Education Credit (CEC) program for certified instructors. Click here to learn more about CEC workshops.

General Course Objectives

Our programs provide a balanced and thorough blend of theory, observation and
practical experience to help you master the repertoire. In each course, you learn:

How to apply STOTT PILATES biomechanical principles of core stability, breathing and alignment to all exercises

A complete breakdown of each exercise

Exercise goals, muscular initiation and movement sequencing

Modifications to increase or decrease exercise intensity

Modifications for specific body types and postural issues

How to recognize optimal and less than optimal movement patterns

A variety of programming options to keep clients motivated

Effective communication, verbal cues and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation

Observation, Practice Teaching
and Physical Review Requirements

A minimum number of hours of observation, practice teaching and physical review are required for all courses and should be completed between instructed sessions at any STOTT PILATES facility. Additional training may be required to prepare for certification.

Observation includes watching sessions taught by a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or relevant STOTT PILATES videos. Practice teaching hours can be fulfilled by instructing family, fellow students, friends or clients.

A physical review means physically performing the exercises learned in class. Taking a class with a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor or working out with a video can qualify as physical review hours, and can be completed individually or with other students.

Practice teaching and physical review hours must be logged outside of class time and submitted at the time of the practical exam.

Where to Train

STOTT PILATES training and certification programs are available at numerous locations around the globe. Courses are offered at our Corporate Training Center in Toronto, at selected Licensed Training Centers, or can be hosted on-site at your location for your convenience. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to get the same high quality instruction.

Click the links below to view information about upcoming courses at:

Corporate Training Center – Toronto, Canada

All courses – Intensive, Comprehensive, Advanced, ISP, Group SPX* and Rehabilitation – are held at this location with our team of top level instructor trainers. Introductory and continuing education workshops are also available on a regular basis.

Give yourself the benefit of starting or continuing your education at the original STOTT PILATES training center in Toronto, Canada, where instructors come from all over the world to train.

Licensed Training Centers – Worldwide

STOTT PILATES has an extended family of Licensed Training Centers that have been carefully selected to deliver our elite training. Licensed facilities are staffed by certified instructor trainers who teach the STOTT PILATES curriculum exclusively on our precision equipment. Licensed Training Centers adhere to standards of operation that ensure consistent delivery of our programs and services.

To learn more about becoming a Licensed Training Center
contact our Education Department.

Hosting Facilities – Worldwide

Select courses and workshops are available at a variety of Hosting Facilities internationally. Certified instructor trainers travel to these locations to offer our Intensive and Group SPX curriculum, plus introductory workshops and continuing education on STOTT PILATES equipment.

Click here for information on becoming a Hosting Facility.

Courses and Workshops within the Next Four Months

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