Where to Train

STOTT PILATES training and certification programs are available at numerous locations around the globe. Courses are offered at our Corporate Training Center in Toronto, at selected Licensed Training Centers, or can be hosted on-site at your location for your convenience. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure to get the same high quality instruction.

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Corporate Training Centers

All courses - Intensive, Comprehensive, Advanced, ISP and Rehabilitation - are held at this location with our team of top level instructor trainers. Introductory and continuing education workshops are also available on a regular basis.

Give yourself the benefit of starting or continuing your education at the original STOTT PILATES training center in Toronto, Canada, where instructors come from all over the world to train.

Licensed Training Centers

STOTT PILATES has an extended family of Licensed Training Centers that have been carefully selected to deliver our elite training. Licensed facilities are staffed by certified instructor trainers who teach the STOTT PILATES curriculum exclusively on our precision equipment. Licensed Training Centers adhere to standards of operation that ensure consistent delivery of our programs and services.

Hosting Centers

Select courses and workshops are available at a variety of Hosting Facilities internationally. Certified instructor trainers travel to these locations to offer our Intensive and Group SPX curriculum, plus introductory workshops and continuing education on STOTT PILATES equipment.

Click here for information on becoming a Hosting Facility.