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Power Packs & Combos

Matwork Power Packs & Combos

A selection of thick and durable Mats for home, gym and studio use.

Stability Ball Power Packs & Combos

Challenges torso stability while improving balance.

Mini Stability Ball™ Power Packs

Formerly known as the Mini Flex-Ball™ Power Pack.

Adds variety to your workout.

Foam Roller Deluxe Combos

Improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination.

BOSU®* Combos

An ideal tool for establishing and reinforcing balance, stability and core strength.

Flex-Band® Power Packs & Combos

Used to add upper and lower body resistance.

Toning Ball Power Packs

Increase intensity and bring awareness to shoulder girdle stability or target desired muscle groups.

Fitness Circle® Power Packs & Combos

Add extra resistance to your workout. Ideal for beginners and perfect for home and travel.

Weight Loss Power Pack

Lose weight and tone up with this fun and easy exercise routine.

Barrel Combos

Essential for aligning and mobilizing the spine, improving posture and developing balance and control.

Pilates Edge™ Combos

Allows you to change the angle of exercise, increasing programming options.

Pilates for Golf

This new system of Golf Pilates instruction and accessories will help you on and off the green.

DVD Three-Packs

DVD Two-Packs

All-new vibrant 2-packs are the ideal addition to any Pilates DVD library. Enjoy two popular DVD titles together, at a magnificent value!

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