STOTT PILATES Course Policies & Procedures

Please see Exam FAQ for policies & procedures regarding examinations

Prospective Pregnant Registrants

We do not accept registration into our courses from pregnant students. Normally it is considered safe and desirable to workout during pregnancy as the workout is being tailored to an individual and her particular stage of pregnancy, however courses cannot be geared to pregnancy or to that particular individual. We believe that by allowing participation by a pregnant student, we expose both ourselves and the student to unnecessary risk.


We allow auditing of the following courses if a student has previously taken them:  IMP, IR, ICAD,ICHR, IBRL, AM, AR, ACAD, ACHR, ABRL, CMR, CCCB, RMR1, RMR2, RCCB1 and RCCB2.  We also allow auditing of the ISP course if taken post June 2007 to present.

Please contact your closest Training Center if you are interested in auditing.

We do not however, allow auditing of any of the workshops we offer (CEC / introductory) as the main goal of the workshops is continuing education and not certification.

Absenteeism & Make-up Hours

If the student misses more than 5 hours they must make up the same amount of hours missed (1:1 ratio). If a student misses less than five hours of a course, they need to make up half the time in private review at their cost (2:1 ratio of hours missed to hours made up).

Make-up hours should be done in a timely manner especially if the missed hours occur in the middle of a course. (This allows students to cover material prerequisite to material taught upon returning to the course.)

Any make-up hours for ISP courses and Advanced courses are done on a 1:1 ratio due to the density of the course material and the expectation that it will take the same amount of time to teach one student as to teach a group.

Students have six months to make up any hours missed. If they exceed this timeline, the course is forfeited and the entire course must be retaken in order to examine and certify. Licensed Training Centers must inform us via the submitted class list that a student has not completed a course. A note will be made on the student's file. A letter of completion will be sent to the student when the center has confirmed that the student has completed the remaining hours.

Date of Certification

Upon successful completion of the exam, students are considered certified instructors from their exam date. If the student takes the exam on two separate days the latter date is the date that they may refer to themselves as a certified instructors. CECs are then earned the next full calendar year after one becomes certified, regardless of what month they examine.

Video or Audio Recording

Audio or video recordings of courses being taught is strictly prohibited. If there are exceptional circumstances that make this necessary, the student must apply for and receive express written permission from Merrithew Corporation and sign a contract restricting its use. This policy is to help us avoid any infringement on our intellectual property.

Course Materials

Students must have their own complete course package exclusively for their use during the course. We believe this guarantees that all students will have access to the study materials as needed during the course.

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Matwork - Level 1

Matwork - Level 2

Reformer - Level 1

Reformer - Level 2

Comp. Mat & Reformer


CCB - Level 1

CCB - Level 2

Group SPX - Matwork

Group SPX - Reformer


Please refer to price list for course materials packages costs
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Observation Hours

Students should only log observation hours once the course has started, so they can receive guidance on what to observe. Observation hours can be logged during or after the course. Students can earn observation hours by watching a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor teach clients, but also by observing their STOTT PILATES course package videos. We do suggest that 80% of observation hours be completed by watching a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor teach.

Please contact your Licensed Training Center, a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, or The STOTT PILATES Corporate Training Centers to arrange for observation during your course.


ISP Prerequisites

The prerequisites for the ISP course have changed to be more inclusive. The previous requirement was the IMP course. The new requirement is either the IMP or the IR course.

AR Prerequisites

The prerequisites for the AR course have changed to be more inclusive. The previous requirement was the IMP & IR or CMR plus the AM. Now the requirement is just the IR or CMR.