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Featured Articles

Mat is Where Itís At! OnSite Fitness Aug 2010
Now, Thatís a Stretch! GOLFSTYLE Apr 2010
Build a Beautiful Back with Pilates Fitness Rx Magazine Apr 2010
From My Home to Yours a Fitness Routine That Works Martha Stewart Living Jan 2010

Company Profiles

The Best in the Industry Can-Fit-Pro Dec 2008
The One for All Club Business International Mar 2008
Icons & Innovators: Building an Industry IDEA Fitness Journal Feb 2008
STOTT PILATES: A Canadian Success Story Fitness Business Canada Jan/Feb 2008

What is Pilates?

Stand Tall Best Health Sept 2010
The Secret to Weight Loss Fitness Rx Apr 2010
Try It Out Ė Core Values ELLE Fitness Mar 2010
Enhance Your Everyday Workout With Pilates! Fitness Rx Magazine Feb 2010
Getting Fit with Pilates The Costco Connection Jan/Feb 2010
Pilates: Aid for Low-Back Pain IDEA Fitness Journal Jan 2010
Pilates’ Endless Possibilities CBI magazine Aug 2008
A Healthier Future with Pilates Professional Fitness UK Aug 2008
Top Five Winter Exercise Tips Thrive Winter Health Jul 2008
Reform your Form Jul 2008
Pilates A to Z – Revisited OnSite Fitness Jun 2007
Why Pilates? Club Solutions Magazine Apr 2007
How Maria Bello Gets Mellow Pilates Style Mar/Apr 2007
Pilates A to Z OnSite Fitness Feb 2007
Pilates for Every Exerciser OnSite Fitness Feb 2007
Pros Send Dieter on Extra Mile USA Today Mar 2006
Pilates Exercise: Lessons from the Lab IDEA Fitness Journal Dec 2005
Beyond the Core Beyond Fitness Sep 2005
Pilates It's All the Rage Club Business International Aug 2005
Pilates Myths Busted On Fitness Jul 2005
Pilates Exercise Turns Gym Rat into Gumby Post-Crescent Newspaper, Wisconsin Jun 2004
Woodstock Native Harnessed Public’s Interest in Pilates New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal Sep 2003
No Pain, All Gain Ultrafit Magazine Aug 2001
The First Lady of Pilates CBI magazine Jan 2000
Pilates, Fine Tuning Mind and Body Active Living Magazine Jan/Feb 1999
Lithe Spirit Toronto Life Fashion Magazine Aug 1998
Intelligent Exercise Toronto Magazine May 1998
Vivian Zapanta Has Well Earned Her Title as Guru Philippine Daily Inquirer Apr 1998
Corpo, Alma e Exercício Revista Special Mar 1998
Reformer de Pilates Clubes Y Gimnasios Feb 1998
Pilates: A Trainer’s Secret Weapon Training & Conditioning Jan 1998

Business Solutions

Pilates Q & A PFP Aug 2010
Itís better in Groups! How to Increase Profits with Pilates Can-Fit-Pro Mar 2010
Cyber-Lates Pilates Style Jan 2010
The Secret to Group Class Success CCD News Update Dec 2009
Pilates Q&A PFP Aug 2010
Mat is Where Itís At! OnSite Fitness Aug 2010
Itís better in Groups! Can-Fit-Pro Mar 2010
Studio Success Stories: How Four JCCs Increased Their Profits with Pilates! OnSite Fitness Apr/May 2010
Sky-High Exercise Club Business International Dec 2009
Boost Revenue during a Challenging Economy CCD News Update Sep 2009
Not Your Mother's Pilates! Club Business International Aug 2009
Diversified Instructors = More Profit for Club Owners CCD News Update Mar 2009
How to Set Up a Pilates Studio for the Active Aging The Journal on Active Aging Jan/Feb 2009
Good for the Body, Mind... and the Bottom Line Club Business International Aug 2007
Pilates Primer Fitness Management May 2007
Pilates Can be Your Club's Core Strength Club Solutions Magazine Mar 2005
Strike Gold: Profitable Pilates Programming Journal on Active Aging May/Jun 2002
Pilates for Small Spaces OnSite Fitness Mar 2002
A Dedicated Pilates Studio Creates Non-Dues Revenue CCD News Update Feb 2002

Rehab Specific

Pilates Fitness Continuum Rehab Management Oct 2010
Pilates for Post-Rehabilitation OnSite Fitness Oct 2010
Reclaim Your Life Your Health Monthly Sept 2010
Pilates for the PT Community OnSite Fitness Dec 2009
Pilates for Rehab Conditioning Fitness Management Sep 2008
Rehab Pilates OnSite Fitness Aug 2007
Back on the Ball Pilates Style Jul/Aug 2007

Sport Conditioning

Mind, Body and Core Can-Fit-Pro Magazine Sept 2010
Pilates for Winter Sports Can-Fit-Pro Magazine Nov 2009
Jock of Ages Pilates Style Jun 2009
Pilates does the Body good - Inside and Out! Can-Fit-Pro May 2009
Pilates Matwork for Athletes OnSite Fitness May 2009
A Mat for All Seasons Training & Conditioning Apr 2009
Pilates for Golf OnSite Fitness Feb/Mar 2009
Pilates for Golf Conditioning Check Up Jan/Feb 2009
Pilates for Dancers Preview Jan 2008
Pilates for the Sports Guy Beyond Fitness Jan 2008
Real Men Do Pilates: Get an Edge on the Competition Inside Fitness Dec 2007
Courting the Core Pilates Style Sep/Oct 2005
The Cleveland Indians’ Secret Weapon Toronto Star Newspaper Mar 2000
STOTT PILATES for Optimal Performance FIT-PRO magazine Dec 1998
Real Men Take Pilates Classes Inside Fitness Feb 1998

Active Aging & Youth Fitness

Health Parent Guide Feb 2009
How to Set Up a Pilates Studio for the Active Aging The Journal on Active Aging Jan/Feb 2009
Pilates: Exercise for a Lifetime OnSite Fitness Oct 2007
Pilates Not Just for Adults OnSite Fitness Sep 2007
Armchair Pilates Journal on Active Aging Jul/Aug 2005
Prime Time for Pilates Journal on Active Aging Mar/Apr 2002

Equipment & DVDs

Perfect Pilates Yoga Magazine Aug 2010
Warm-Up [The Toolbox] Can-Fit-Pro Jan 2010
Re-Inventing the Group Class OnSite Fitness Jan 2010
Sky High Exercise Ė Core Creativity Club Business International Dec 2009
Unique Ways to Boost Your Routine with Props! Fitness Rx Magazine Oct 2009
The Pilates Reformer Revolution Professional Fitness UK Oct 2009
Body, Mind, Mats and More Personal Fitness Professional Sep 2009
Get Back to School Pilates Style Aug 2009
V2 Max Plus™ Reformer Workout Pilates Style Jul/Aug 2008
Must Haves Dance Magazine Jun 2008
DVD Behind-the-Scenes Pilates Style May/Jun 2008
Fat loss OnSite Fitness May 2008
Weight Watchers Apr 2008
The Ball's in Your Cubicle Wall Street Journal Feb 2007
Top Ten New Workout DVDs IDEA Fitness Journal Jan 2007
Squeeze Please Pilates Style Sep/Oct 2005
Take Me to the Spine Corrector The Gazette, Montreal Sep 2004
STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle DVD SNews from Gear Trends Apr 2004
Home Stretch Elle Body Feb 2004
The Benefits of Reformer Training CCD News Update Jan 2004

Education & Programming

Cueing for Pilates OnSite Fitness Apr 2010
Modifying for Prenatal Exercise Can-Fit-Pro Sep 2009
Gives Props Some Props OnSite Fitness Sep 2009
Cutting Edge Pilates Instructors Fitness Business Canada Apr 2008
The Pilates Career Path Can-Fit-Pro Mar/Apr 2008
Why Certify in Pilates? STOTT PILATES Mar 2008
Why Hosting Pilates at Your Facility is Smart STOTT PILATES Feb 2008
How to Build a Successful Pilates Business in Your Club STOTT PILATES Jan 2008
Stand Tall MORE Oct 2007
Choose the Right Workout Canadian Living Sep 2005
Flatten your Belly Shape Aug 2005
Working from the Core Fitness Rx Aug 2005
Balance and Strength:
Prevent Upper Body Injuries with Pilates
Healthy Living Guide Aug 2005
Is Your Pilates Instructor a Health Hazard? Wall Street Journal Mar 2005
Inner Workout Ultrafit Magazine Sep 2004
The Benefits of Pilates Certification OnSite Fitness Apr 2004