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Download the Pilates Article PDFClub-based Pilates studios create healthy revenue stream
By Jennifer H. McInerney as published in Club Business International, 2007

Ask most operators why they decided to add a fully-equiped Pilates studio to their club's offerings, and they'll answer, almost immediately: "Because our members wanted it." With its wide range of health benefits - encompassing flexibility, balance, strength, muscle tone, body alignment, injury prevention, energy level, and mental concentration, the practice of Pilates appeals to exercisers from all walks of life.

And... add to that the very positive effect that Pilates can have on a club's bottom line.

While many facilities offer mat-based Pilates classes as part of their membership package, those with fully equipped studios are able to tap into a while new nondues revenue stream; class prices typically range from $25 for a small-group session to around $100 for a private one.

The Superstudy of Sports Participation, published by American Sports Data, Inc. of Cortlandt, Manor, New York, estimates that more than 10 million people now participate in Pilates in the U.S., and, of those, 13% are "frequent" participants.

These reasons and rewards have prompted some 33% of U.S clubs to take their members' Pilates experience to the next level - beyond mat-based classes - by adding designated studio filled with the specialized equipment that makes this discipline unique: Cadillacs, reformers, barrels, trapeze, towers, and chairs.