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By Kerrie Lee Brown as published in Can-Fit-Pro January/February 2010

STOTT PILATES Stability Cushion™ 14” in diameter these Inflatable, cushioned disks add a new level of intensity to any workout with a major focus on posture, core stability and back strength mobility. Controlling instability with a pair of cushioned disks requires activation of the stabilizing muscles of the torso, shoulders and hips. Exercisers will illicit greater proprioceptive awareness and recruit the deep support systems of the whole body while developing greater co-ordination and control. Exercises can be performed in standing, kneeling, seated, supine and prone positions. Great for use with everyone, from rehab clients to professional athletes.

Stability Cushions can be used separately, but are ideally used in pairs. Sold partially-inflated, individually packed for shipping. PVC free!