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as published in Oxygen Magazine, 2008

While you may be brushing up on your Sex and the City box set for the release of the movie, here’s another box set you should watch: The Secret To Weight Loss Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, $35, and the new DVD, Pilates Weight Loss Boost, $15 (STOTT PILATES, Pilates is great for all ages and fitness levels, reports the journal Rehab Management. “The nature of the exercises and equipment used keeps stress off the joints while strengthening muscles,” says Moira Merrithew, co-founder and executive director of education for STOTT PILATES in Toronto, Ontario, noting that this type of training builds lean muscle, particularly in the core. “To lose and keep the weight off you need to increase your basal metabolic rate – the rate your body burns calories when it’s resting. The more muscle tone you have the faster you will burn calories.”