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Affordable Apparatus, Add-ons and
Props that are Perfect for Group Instruction
By Amanda Altman as published in Pilates Styles, 2009

While there's no substitute for good one-on-one instruction, the next best thing is a group class.

No matter how tough things get, the last thing we should ever sacrifice is our Pilates practice. While there's no substitute for good one-on-one instruction, the next best thing is a group class. Increasing numbers of studios are offering Tower-, apparatus- and prop-based classes that will give you the resistance-based workout that you're looking for—at a much lower price. Instructors, keep your students coming by enhancing your classes with these great finds.

1. Peak Pilates' version of Joe's Magic Circle, the 14-inch Power Circle® is made with an antirust, spring-steel resistance material and contains contoured latex-free gripping pads. Choice of three- or four-band varieties ($29.95–$34.95;

2. Have injured students? Stock up on OPTP's Pilates & Yoga Wedge, which helps reduce overstretching and excessive pressure on the joints. Simply position the slim, softly padded prop beneath your wrist for support or under your heels, knees or sitz bones to help maintain alignment and to work even deeper ($10.95;

3. Spice up your apparatus class with the Jumpboard from STOTT PILATES®, which provides a lightly cushioned jumping surface for fast-paced exercises. Add on to either the Professional or SPX™ Reformer models ($280;

4. Gratz's Low Mat is ideal if you're short on space. Just as firm as the brand's traditional in-studio version, the perfectly portable, foldable pad comes with an attached foot strap, removable wooden handles (not shown), a pair of matching foot boxes and side canvas strap handles ($375;

5. The brand-new split-pedal EXO® Chair from Balanced Body allows for even more total-body exercises. The lightweight, stackable chair features springs that can easily adjust to create eight different settings. Includes a workout DVD ($895;