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Add Group Reformer Sessions and Boost Revenue
during a Challenging Economy
By Carol Tricoche as published in CCD News Update, 2009


Pilates Studios continue to thrive through all economic conditions. Personalized training with instructors is vital to a successful Pilates training regimen, allowing facilities to maintain revenues through tough times.

Pilates participants continue training to keep healthy. Many are keeping their private sessions, but will add additional group sessions to their schedule if the price is right. In this economy, some have been forced to take a more fiscally conservative approach, supplementing private sessions with group sessions.

Studios are becoming more creative by adding more group sessions to meet the demand for Pilates; retaining membership of those requiring budget-conscious options, while at the same time increasing their bottom line.

If you’ve been considering creating or expanding your Pilates program, now may be the ideal time. Pilates Reformer Group Training can generate incremental revenue ranging from $75,000 to $215,000 per year!

With over 10,000,000 people in North America actively involved in Pilates, demand for affordable sessions continues to grow. Ten group sessions with 4 participants can provide additional revenue in excess of $6000 per month.

Also crucial to the success of any facility is the ability to attract new members. Pilates equipment allows you to offer unique programming and themed specialty classes, for example Golf or Athletic Conditioning. Our versatile V2 Max Plus or SPX Max Plus Reformers add challenge and variety with the addition of a vertical frame.

For facilities where space is an issue, consider our lightweight, stackable and portable SPX Max Reformers. This option allows you to offer Group Reformer programming in a mat or mind-body studio or even in an open racquetball court.

Whether you have a permanent or a multi-purpose space, we can help you build a program ideally suited for your facility, call our STOTT PILATES® Full Solutions™ team at 1-800-910-0001, extension 203 or email