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Download the Pilates Article PDF The Next Generation: An innovative new apparatus
can take your body where it has never gone before
By Moira Merrithew as published in Pilates Style, 2008

The fitness industry has long embraced the mind-body connection, and now that approach is making its way into athleticconditioning and active-aging markets. To support that trend, we at STOTT PILATES have created an exciting new apparatus that lets you mimic movements you perform in daily life, regardless of your fitness level. Whether you’re looking to enhance your athletic performance, recovering from having a baby or just wanting to challenge your Pilates practice, you can take your next step with our newest apparatus, the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer.

My husband, STOTT PILATES president and CEO Lindsay G. Merrithew, created this multidimensional machine, which is designed to combine exercises performed on the Cadillac, Reformer and mat and help you break through physical barriers by delivering benefits that you never thought possible. Quite simply, the V2 Max Plus takes multitasking to a whole new level. Its retractable rope system under the carriage and traveling pulley system on its vertical frame enable you to perform exercise combinations that weren’t doable before. This innovative Pilates machine is perfect for anyone working in a limited space.

The dynamics created by the pulleys and ropes will help pros reach new heights and beginners develop the body awareness to perform everyday functions more efficiently. The ropes and pulleys reinforce muscle memory to execute common movements (such as reaching while squatting and turning) while increasing allover strength and improving balance, which can break the cycle of compensatory movement.

A true multiplanar, biomechanical training tool, the V2 Max Plus is equipped to help you perform an unlimited number of exercises. And it’s the first machine to offer exercise options to expand sport-specific programming with a full range of motion for such movements as overhead throws. And for people who have trouble getting on and off a low platform, we also have the V2 Max Plus Rehab Reformer, which is six and a half inches higher off the ground, to serve a broader range of people.

Out of the huge repertoire of exercises, I’ve chosen a sampling to give you a sense of the V2 Max Plus’ diversity and range. I hope this workout whets your appetite for more!



Benefit: Using the pulley tension above your shoulders helps engage your mid and low shoulder girdle muscles, gives your spine extra support through the increased range into extension and allows for increased abdominal strengthening. Sitting on the long box relieves tension in your low back, hip flexors and hamstrings.

Setup: Sit on the long box facing the vertical frame, feet hip-width apart. Make sure to sit far back enough to roll your shoulder blades off the end. Reach forward and hold the handles, palms facing inward.

  • 1. Exhale and begin to roll sequentially down through your spine. Stabilize your shoulder girdle as you bend your elbows and pull both hands toward your chest.
  • 2. Continue to roll down until your spine is on the box and your upper back is flexed.
  • 3. Inhale and extend your spine and both arms overhead and out to your sides. Exhale and roll your spine back to start position.


Benefit: Using pulley tension from above allows your shoulder blades to maintain a neutral position while you work on increasing the strength of your shoulder muscles and muscles surrounding the spine.

Setup: Lie facedown on the box with your head toward the vertical frame, upper body slightly rounded over the end. Keep legs long and together and arms long with hands in the straps.

  • 1. Keeping both arms straight, exhale and pull the straps back to your hips as you extend and slightly lift your upper body.
  • 2. Inhale and circle both arms out to your sides and back, keeping them straight. Return to start position


Benefit: Using pulley tension from above increases range of motion so you can more easily execute a pitch or an overarm throw. It also strengthens your abdominals, spine and deep shoulder rotators.

Setup: Sit on the long box facing the footbar, feet straddling the box. Slightly rotate your torso to one side, holding the strap in your hand on the same side. Keep your arm at shoulder height with elbow bent, palm forward and opposite arm reaching forward.

  • 1. Inhale and bring the hand holding the strap forward and across in a throwing action as you straighten your elbow, rotate and round your torso forward and reach your opposite arm back.
  • 2. Exhale and return the extended arm up and back, bending your elbow and rotating your torso back to start position. Repeat on the other side.


Benefit: Holding the strap above your head with the pulley resistance from above increases mobility and strengthens your side-to-side movement.

setup: Sit on the long box facing sideways, with the leg close to the vertical frame straight and the other one bent with the foot resting on the carriage. Align your torso in a side bend toward the frame. Reach up and hold on to the strap with both hands.

  • 1. Exhale and extend your torso in a long line away from frame, keeping your arms by your ears.
  • 2. Inhale and reach your torso back up to vertical and then into another side bend toward the frame, and return to start position. Repeat on the other side.


Benefit: Increases hip-joint mobility and functionality as your inner-thigh strength is challenged by the tension coming from above the hip joint.

Setup: Lie on the carriage on your side with your head resting on a cushion between the shoulder rests. Keep your bottom leg straight or bent but in line with your torso. Your top leg should be straight, with your foot in the strap.

  • 1. Inhale and bend your top knee. Draw your foot along the inside of your calf, then straighten your knee and raise your leg toward the ceiling.
  • 2. Exhale and lower your top leg in a straight line to meet the other. Switch sides and repeat.


Benefit: Throwing actions used in sports can be imitated when the pulley system is in line with the shoulder. Sport-specific movements can be done while focusing on core conditioning, balance and body awareness.

Setup: Lower the headrest and stand on the carriage in a lunge, with your forward foot toward the footbar and your back foot between the shoulder rests. Rotate your torso and pelvis back toward the vertical frame. Holding on to the strap with the same-side hand as your back foot, keep your back arm lifted and your elbow bent. Reach your other hand out in front of you.

  • 1. Inhale and reach your back hand forward and across in a throwing action. Exhale and straighten your elbow and rotate and round your upper torso toward your front leg.
  • 2. Inhale and lift your arm up and back, bending your elbow. Return your torso and pelvis to start position.


Benefit: Lengthens the hip flexors. To challenge your shoulder, arm and abdominal strength, hold the pulley straps above your shoulders.

Setup: Stand at one side of the Reformer facing the footbar, with your inside leg extended on the carriage behind you, knee bent, foot against a shoulder rest. Place your forward foot slightly in front of your pelvis, with your knee slightly bent. With elbows slightly bent, hold the same-side strap overhead with both hands and extend your spine, gazing slightly upward.

  • 1. Keeping your arms by your ears, exhale and press both hands forward, reaching your torso into one long line from your knee to head. Straighten your front knee, keeping your back leg strong to press out the carriage.
  • 2. Inhale and bend your front knee. Lift your upper body with hands overhead and, with control, slowly return the carriage to start position. Switch legs and repeat.