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At Home DVDs

Pilates Express™ Series

Relaxing and revitalizing workouts that are designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen muscles.

Matwork Series

These Matwork DVDs add variety and challenge for any Pilates enthusiast.

Flex-Band® Series

Total-body sculpting is within reach with these toning exercise repertoires.

Fitness Circle® Series

This unique accessory improves resistance and focus while strengthening the arms, legs and core.

Mini Stability Ball™ Series

Formerly known as the
Mini Flex-Ball™ Series.

Those seeking toned arms, legs, buns and thighs enjoy a full-body workout with the Mini Stability-Ball.

Toning Ball Series

These exercises enhance total-body toning while targeting the arms, abs and thighs.

Strength & Agility Series

A range of performance-enhancing cardio and conditioning routines.

Golf Series

These unique warm-up exercises and drills are specifically designed for golfers.

Pre/Post-Natal Series

Moms-to-be and new moms will find these gentle workouts help them stay fit.

Weight Loss Series

Enhance your body’s ability to burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

Back Care Series

Improve postural alignment and develop a strong, stress-free back.

Walking Pilates Series

Walk your way to a toned, fit body! Exercisers benefit from these easy, safe workouts.

Pilates for Kids Series

Fitness can be fun, and that’s the message behind this series!

Pilates-Infused® Yoga Series

A hybrid of Yoga and STOTT PILATES. Includes a range of relaxing, breathing and stretching exercises.

Stability Ball Series

With an emphasis on core stability and control, these challenging exercises offer an intense workout.

Active Aging Series

Improve strength and endurance from the comfort of your armchair.

At Home Reformer Series

A challenging spectrum of strength boosting exercises for a group or private class.

Cancer Rehab Series

Restore strength, mobility and endurance while reducing muscle soreness and weakness.

DVD 3-Packs

Attractive box sets including three popular DVDs with varying levels of difficulty.

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