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DVD - Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair

As a high-performance athlete, you’ll enhance strength, stamina, mobility and coordination with this workout. Includes English and Spanish language tracks.


About the DVD

Enhance your athletic performance in whatever game you play with this sport-specific Stability Chair repertoire. Maximize total body strength and help reduce your chances of injury with this high-performance workout. You will isolate muscles and optimize their capabilities through increased balance and control. With an emphasis on core stability and strength you will recondition your body and excel in sports, general fitness and of course Pilates!

EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Stability Chair and Exercise Mat
See RELATED PRODUCTS to purchase required equipment.

Featured Instructors

Moira Merrithew

Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew, together with President and CEO of STOTT PILATES® Lindsay G. Merrithew and a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, has spent more than a decade refining the STOTT PILATES® method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it safer and more effective. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES® training and certification programs.

John Garey

John Garey has studied Pilates for more than 15 years and owns Los Angeles-based John Garey Pilates, a STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Center and Competitor magazine’s choice for "the best Pilates studio in Southern California." A renowned figure in the fitness industry, John is a regular contributor to Pilates and fitness articles featured in national publications such as Men’s Fitness, Shape and the Los Angeles Times. He was named one of the three most popular instructors in Chicago by The Chicago Tribune, and one of the top six most notable instructors in the United States by American Fitness Magazine. John has also presented workshops at some of the most prestigious conferences and health clubs around the globe and holds a Masters degree in Adult Fitness from NYU.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance strength, mobility and functional movement
  • Ideal for high-performance clients
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Retrains muscles following intense, repetitive athletic training
  • Strengthens, tones and increases athletic stamina
  • Reduce the likelihood of sports injuries

DVD Contents

  • 17 exercises
  • Workout Time - 29 min
  • DVD Length - 144 min


EXERCISES: Standing Leg Press, Footwork, Scapula Isolation, Rotation Prone, Elephant, Push Up, Hamstring Press Hips Up, Standing Side Stretch with Rotation, Swimming from Floor, Tendon Stretch, Forward Step Up, Knee Raises, Knee Raises with Obliques, Leg Circles, Seated Lat Press, Push Up Combo, Downward Stretch/Lunge Combo

BONUS CLIPS: Stability Chair Safety, Cueing & Modifications on the Stability Chair, Challenging your Clients Safely on the Stability Chair

Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Choose to work out with or without instructor’s voice
  • Preview another challenging title
  • View instructors’ bios
  • Learn more about STOTT PILATES Equipment and Education
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