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Pro DVDs

Matwork Series

Exercises ranging from core elements of the STOTT PILATES method to intense workouts.

Reformer Series

A challenging spectrum of strength-boosting exercises for a group or private class, for use in the studio or at home.

Stability Chair Series

Perfect for building strength and the mind-body connection, these exercises are intended for performance enhancement.

Cadillac Series

Each level is designed to enhance core strength and stability using this key piece of Pilates equipment.

Barrel Series

Focusing on core stability and control, Barrel exercises promote spinal support and stabilization.

V2 Max Plus™ Reformer* Series

A sample of the limitless programming options available for virtually any fitness level or physical condition.

Pilates Edge™ Series

Exercisers work out on an angle, adding challenge and a new dimension to Matwork repertoires.

Spring Wall™ Series

Ideal for private or group training, these workouts enhance Reformer, Matwork or Cadillac programming.

BOSU®* Series

Dynamic workouts intended for athletic training, core conditioning and injury prevention.

Foam Roller Series

These strengthening and stretching exercises are perfect for group or individual Matwork.

Toning Ball Series

These exercises effectively challenge a range of muscle groups in the arms, legs and core.

Strength & Agility Series

High-level athletes benefit from a variety of exercises designed to boost performance – and get results.

Golf Series

Golfers learn a blend of biomechanics and STOTT PILATES to improve their swing and drive the ball further.

Rehab/ ISP Series

A range of therapeutic exercises to strengthen muscles, enhance mobility and help prevent injury.

Pre/Post-Natal Series

Help expectant women stay fit during pregnancy and prepare for childbirth on large equipment.

Cancer Rehab Series

Help exercisers regain mobility and strength and improve posture following cancer treatment.

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