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DVD - Fitness Fun: Pilates for Kids

This kid-friendly workout uses balls and bands to boost the fun factor.


About the DVD

This fun and original routine of gentle stretching and strengthening is a great way to set kids up for a lifetime of health and well-being. Master Instructor Trainer Moira Merrithew, along with her pals, gets children moving and connecting with their bodies through this invigorating kid-friendly Pilates workout using household balls and bands to add to the fun factor. Best suited for ages eight to 14 and the young-at-heart adults who work out with them.

SUITABLE FOR: Beginner audiences (Level 1 of 5)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Exercise Mat, playing or Stability Ball™
See RELATED PRODUCTS to purchase required equipment.


Featured Instructors

Moira Merrithew

Master Instructor Trainer, Moira Merrithew, together with President and CEO of STOTT PILATES® Lindsay G. Merrithew and a team of physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, has spent more than a decade refining the STOTT PILATES® method of exercise and equipment. This resulted in the inclusion of modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation, making it safer and more effective. This clear and detailed approach forms the basis for STOTT PILATES® training and certification programs.

Key Benefits

  • Challenge mobility, agility and flexibility
  • Master balance and coordination
  • Make the mind-body connection
  • Establish healthy habits early
  • Have fun!

DVD Contents

  • 27 exercises
  • Workout Time - 26 min
  • DVD Length - 86 min
  • Closed captioning


WARM UP: Breathing, Spine Stretch

GRADE 1: Shoulder Shrugs, Leg Stretches, Rolling Like a Ball, Somersaults

GRADE 2: Arm Circles, Roll Up, Walking, Single Leg Stretch, Side Kick, Push Up

GRADE 3: Cat Stretch, Half Roll Back, One Leg Circle, Spine Twist, Saw, Leg Pull Front Prep, Seal

GRADE 4: Ab Prep, Breast Stroke Prep, Shell Stretch, Roll Up, Rolling Like a Ball, Single Leg Stretch, Roll Over, Side Leg Lifts, Spine Stretch Forward, Teaser Prep, Swan Dive Prep, Seal

Bonus Features

  • Customize your routine
  • 27 bonus exercise clips
  • Bonus workout – try the next level
  • Work out with music only
  • Preview other video titles
  • Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
  • Learn about instructor training
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