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At STOTT PILATES we understand the importance of making optimal use of space in new or existing fitness facilities. Itís important to get the most use out of a workout area while avoiding over-crowding.

The Studio Planner can help you achieve just that! Design the perfect Pilates studio for Matwork- or equipment-based classes in your unique space.

With the help of our interactive studio planner design the layout of your facility or home studio hassle-free, ahead of time. Simply select an existing room design — or create your own based on room measurements — and position STOTT PILATES equipment to experiment with different layouts. You can easily customize your space by manipulating the walls, adding furniture, fixtures or photos of an existing room.

Register for a Studio Planner account to save and share your design or to purchase items in just a few, easy steps!

Once you’re done save and print or email your design. We recommend emailing a copy to a Full Solutions representative, who will review your layout to ensure you are getting the best value for your money and optimal programming options.

Tip: When selecting equipment bundles you can separate the components and move them around individually. To do this:

  • click twice on your bundle of choice
  • click show all tools
  • click edit
  • select group/ungroup symbols
  • choose ungroup
Plan Your Studio!
If you have any questions about the studio planner click help or contact us at

How to add equipment in your plan
to the shopping cart:

To add all items in your plan to the cart:
  • go to the your cart tab
  • click add to add all products
To add individual items in your plan to the cart:
  • hover cursor over the item in the plan
  • click add to cart
To remove items from your cart:
  • hover cursor over the item in the cart
  • click remove from cart

How to purchase equipment
in your shopping cart:

When you have finalized the content of your cart:

  • click checkout
  • log in to the STOTT PILATES online store using your studio planner login info or web store login info
  • click view shopping cart
  • click retrieve to add the content of your room planner cart
  • click checkout