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Save $5 when you buy the 22-Minute Pilates Express video series PLUS save 50% on the Deluxe Pilates Mat.

The Pilates Express video series offers three great workouts easy to fit into your day because each is less than 30-minutes long. Start your day with Sunrise Workout, get an quick pick-me-up with Revive Workout and unwind with Relaxation Workout.

Measuring 23" wide, 72" long and 5/8" thick and weighing only 5 lbs, our
Deluxe Pilates Mat, made of closed-cell foam, provides soft, resilient cushioning for optimal comfort, safety and protection against injury. Available in blue or green.

regularly priced US $99.80 | $134.80 CDN.
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save on back care videos
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.in the news
Profit Magazine, for the fourth year in a row, has included STOTT PILATES/Merrithew Corporation in their list of the 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada (June 2003 issue). This year we're ranked as number 52. In addition to the ranking, an article entitled Simple Steps to Super Growth profiles some of the things we do right including our annual free shipping promotion ”

The March 2003 issue of
Dance Teacher magazine, in an article entitled Core Curriculum, featured Katherine and Kimberly Corp, STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers and owners of Pilates on Fifth in New York City.
The July 2003 issue of Men’s Fitness features John Garey, a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and owner of the John Garey Pilates Studio in Long Beach, California. In the article Body on Board, John demonstrates exercises for a workout on the BOSU** balance trainer. As well, John designed a Flex-Band workout for the May issue of Shape Magazine

City Sports Magazine featured two STOTT PILATES Licensed Certification Centers, The Almaden Valley Athletic Club in Silicone Valley and Presidio Sport and Medicine in San Francisco, Look for the article entitled To the Core in their June 2003 issue.
Join us at the following tradeshows and take advantage of our show specials to save up to 25% off the regular list price on equipment***. Place your equipment pre-orders by contacting sales@stottpilates.com. Plus, fill out a ballot for your chance to win a STOTT PILATES gift certificate. While at our booth, enjoy a complimentary workout*** ..........................
July 17 to 20, 2003
Hilton Anaheim, Anaheim Marriott &
Anaheim Convention Center, California

Registration & Information: www.ideafit.com
or 1-800-999-4332

Wednesday, July 16
Essential Reformer

Moving to Intermediate Reformer
July 30 to Aug 1, 2003
Hyatt Regency Reston, VA

Registration & Information: www.dcacinc.com
or 1-800-862-7538

Thursday, July 31
Essential to Intermediate Matwork*

Essential Reformer
CAN-FIT-PRO, Toronto
Aug 14 to 17, 2003
Toronto, Ontario

Registration & Information: www.canfitpro.com
or 1-800-667-5622

Thursday, August 14
Pre-Natal Pilates

Split-Pedal Stability Chair
*** only at selected shows
INTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses at the STOTT PILATES International Certification Center in Toronto, Canada
EXTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses and workshops held at locations around the world. Locations showing a star are STOTT Licenced Certification Centers. The rest are STOTT PILATES authorized hosted courses

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA .. click for more info
-- Intensive Mat-Plus – starts July 10
-- Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts August 20

CLAREMONT, CALIFORNIA click for more info
-- Intensive Reformer – starts August 1

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA .. click for more info
-- Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts July 25
-- Intermediate BOSU workshop – July 26
-- Mat-based Flex-Band – August 23

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA click for more info
-- Intensive Reformer - starts July 12
-- Intensive Reformer - starts October 18

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA .. click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 26
-- Injury & Special Populations – starts October 2

BOULDER, COLORADO click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 12

FAIRFIELD, IOWA click for more info ..
-- Intensive Reformer - starts October 16
-- Intensive Mat-Plus - starts October 24

BEVERLY, MASSACHUSETTS .. click for more info
Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts July 19

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICHIGAN .. click for more info
Injury & Special Populations – starts August 27
-- Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts September 5
-- Intensive Reformer – starts October 3

MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE click for more info
Intensive Reformer – starts August 2

NEW YORK, NEW YORK .. click for more info
Intensive Reformer – starts July 7
-- Advanced Reformer – starts July 23
-- Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts July 26

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON .. click for more info
Advanced Matwork – starts August 23
-- Intensive Reformer – starts September 6
-- Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 13

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON .. click for more info
Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels – starts August 9
-- Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 20
-- Intensive Reformer – starts October 25

CALGARY, ALBERTA .. click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 19

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO .. click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts July 11

AARHUS, DENMARK click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts July 7
-- Advanced Matwork – July 19

LONDON, ENGLAND .. click for more info
Intensive Mat Plus – starts August 18
-- Intensive Reformer – starts September 1

MUNICH, GERMANY .. click for more info
Flex-Band Workshop – July 5
-- Fitness Circle Workshop – July 26
-- Essential Reformer Workshop – September 20

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts June 2
-- Intensive Reformer – starts June 2
-- Injury & Special Polpulations– starts June 17
-- Advanced Matwork – June 14
-- Advanced Reformer – starts June 23

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts August 4

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND click for more info
Intensive Mat-Plus – starts September 1

To register for these courses and workshops, please contact Jane Underhill at ext. 232

STOTT PILATES Training and Certification courses and workshops are also available at STOTT licensed certification centers throughout North America. Click for details and the center nearest you
IMP Intensive Mat-Plus*
-- July 7 to18, 2003
-- August 18 to29, 2003

IR Intensive Reformer
-- July 21 toAugust 8, 2003
-- September 8 to26, 2003

ICCB Intensive Cadillac Chair & Barrels
-- July 14 toAugust 1, 2003
-- September 29 toOctober 17, 2003

CMR Comprehensive Mat & Reformer
-- September 22, 2003 to January 15, 2004

CCCB Comprehensive Cadillac Chair & Barrels
-- August 25 to October 16, 2003

ISP Injury and Special Populations
-- August 5 to 8 this session sold out
-- October 21 to 24

AM / AR / ACCB Advanced Repertoire
-- August 11 to 16
-- October 27 to November 1

Get more information on the certification program and course dates available in Toronto and elsewhere.
.upcoming CEC workshops
education workshops at 2200 Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada

-- July 25 Pre-Natal Workshop 1pm to 4pm $120CDN | $75US
-- July 26 Stability Chair* 10am to 2pm $160CDN | $100US

get 20% off when you attend both workshops

See the complete list of Workshops being offered both in Toronto and elsewhere. To register for Toronto courses and workshops, please contact Maria at ext. 246
.new manuals

The 2nd edition Advanced Reformer Manual has now arrived and is in stock. At 232 pages, there is a wealth of information for the pilates instructor and pilates enthusiasts. Fully illustrated, every exercise is detailed in both photography and words. Modifications, Focus and Target Muscles are also included.

Next on press and due in September are the Essential Cadillac and Intermediate/Advanced Cadillac manuals.
.exercise of the month ........find photographs below

Be certain to warm up before exercising. Click for important cautions

Push Up
Standing at end of mat, spine and pelvis neutral. Legs parallel and together, arms down by sides.

To begin... INHALE moll down starting from the top of your head reaching arms towards the mat. Maintain center of gravity over middle of feet during roll down.

EXHALE take 4 counts (steps) to walk hands out along mat to push up or plank position, with weight on balls of feet and palms. As hands walk out, press hips towards mat, articulating from tailbone to neutral spine, one long line. Hands under shoulders, with fingers pointing forward.

Then… INHALE for 3 short counts -- Bend elbows deep, deep, deeper with each inhale, angling elbows diagonally back. Maintain neutral spine and one long line during movement.

EXHALE straighten elbows to full push up position.

Complete 3 to 5 push ups.

To finish… INHALE take 4 counts to walk hands back towards feet

EXHALE roll up from tailbone to top of head to standing position. Maintain center of gravity over feet during roll up.

-- Avoid pelvis lifting or sinking out of neutral.
-- Use quadriceps (front of thigh muscles) to pull knees up.
-- Stay wide across shoulder girdle and focus on scapular stabilization.
-- Keep head and neck in line with the rest of the spine.

Excerpted from the STOTT PILATES Comprehensive Matwork manual. STOTT PILATES manuals include additional instructional information, and modifications, not published here.
1. starting position 2. reach arms to mat 3. push up position 4. flex elbows
5. extend elbows 6. walk back 6. lengthen spine

...All rights reserved. This material, including photographs, may not be copied or used in any form without express permission from Merrithew Corporation.
...*TM/R Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license.
...**BOSU Trademark and registered trademark of D.W. Fitness, LLC, used under license.