Upcoming Training Courses

course IMP

Intensive Mat-Plus

level 1, 40 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 8-9 | Feb 5-6 | Mar 12-13 | Apr 2-3 | Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm

course IR

Intensive Reformer

level 1, 50 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 29-30 | Feb 26-27 | Mar 5-6 | Mar 19-20 | Apr 9-10
Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm

course ICCB

Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

level 1, 50 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 15-16 | Feb 12-13 | Mar 16-27 | Apr 16-17 | Apr 30-May1
Sat-Sun 12pm-6pm

course AM

Advanced Matwork

level 2, 6 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 11 | 12pm-7pm

course AR

Advanced Reformer

level 2, 18 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 10-12 | 1pm-8pm

Continuing Education Workshops




Fri Dec 3

The Knee: Stability & Function


Space is limited! To register or for costs and additional information regarding these courses email or call Kristi Milner Quinn at 206-633-4800

A written & practical exam is required for certification
exam may be taken within six months of completing course(s)

Bodycenter Instructor
Training Studio

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phone: 206-633-4800

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The Studio
Bodycenter’s philosophy is centered upon assisting and motivating clients to move beyond current physical limitations by increasing strength, developing awareness, and correcting postural imbalances.

Instructor Trainers
KRISTI MILNER QUINN, MA Dance, ACSM, has been teaching pilates, movement including modern dance, strength and balance techniques for ten years. She holds a Masters in Dance from American University in Washington, D.C., and also performed professionally with several companies traveling throughout the United States and Europe. In Seattle, Kristi began teaching pilates at the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company and subsequently attained her STOTT PILATES Instructor Certification.

SHANE SZABO, BFA, attained a degree in Dance at Cornish College of the Arts. With a strong foundation in movement education, she went on to Pilates training with Cary Regan and Michelle Miller In 1998 and today is a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer. As well,, Shane has been teaching modern dance and dancing professionally in Seattle with various local choreographers for the past 12 years including Lingo Dance Theater from 1995-2002.

MELISSA NOBEL has taught Pilates and movement for 10 years. She trained with Michelle Miller and Carey Regan as well as Jane Erskine at Erskine Fitness where she taught clients and assisted with the Physical Mind Instructor training program. She received her STOTT PILATES certification in 2004 and she became an Instructor Trainer in 2005. She has done massage and bodywork since 1996 and is a certified Acutonics practitioner and teacher as well as a doula. Melissa is on the faculty at the University of Washington drama department where she teaches low flying trapeze and movement to the MFA students. She opened Bodycenter Studios in 1999.

CHERIE BOSCHMA has been instructing STOTT PILATES since 1993. She became an Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES in 1998. She originally started teaching in Toronto at the STOTT Studio, and trained under Moira Merrithew. Cherie was in Toronto as a professional dancer for a contemporary Ballet Company. She received her BFA in Modern Dance from North Carolina School of Arts. In 1998, she returned to her place of birth, Michigan and served as the Director of Training for Equilibrium Mind Body Fitness. Cherie is also a Gyrotonic instructor and Gyrokinesis instructor, as well as a B.E.S.T. practitioner. Cherie moved to Seattle in May 2006 to pursue her desire to work with children and to become a Waldorf teacher. Cherie offers Pilates instruction, workshops, Gyrokinesis and B.E.S.T. therapy at Bodycenter Studios.

Getting There
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The intensive courses above are recommended for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness & health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their business. Applicants must have, at least three years experience teaching fitness, dance or movement, familiarity with the works of Joseph Pilates, formal anatomy training and a working knowledge of muscle origins, insertions and functions, in order to attend the course.

For a list of required (and optional) course materials click here

You are not obliged to write (and pay for) two exams if you are planning to take both courses. You may choose to wait until completion of the second course to write your exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam). If you prefer to pause between courses, you may choose to take an exam to become certified in Matwork only, and another exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam) after completing the second course to become certified in Reformer work. In this case two exam fees would apply.