Upcoming Training Courses

Offered four times a year; Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Unless otherwise noted, all courses meet on weekends Fri 3:30pm-9pm; Sat 1pm-6:30pm; Sun 9am-2:30pm

Rehabilitation Program

course RMR1

Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization:
Matwork & Reformer

24 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 20-23
Thu 12pm-7pm | Fri-Sat 1pm-8pm | Sun 9am-4pm

course RMR2

Peripheral Joint Stabilization:
Matwork & Reformer

24 hours

winter 2011 | Feb 5-6 | Feb 19-20 | Sat 1pm-8pm | Sun 9am-4pm

Upcoming Training Courses

course FA

Functional Anatomy

30 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24, Mar 3, 10, 17, 24 | 6pm-9pm

course IMP

Intensive Mat-Plus

level 1, 40 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 28-30 | Feb 25-27 | Mar 26-27
Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-2:30pm

course IR

Intensive Reformer

Level 1, 50 hours

fall 2010 | Oct 29-31 | Nov 19-20 | Dec 3-5 | Jan 15-16

winter 2011 | Feb 4-6 | Mar 5-6 | Mar 18-20 | Apr 16-17
Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-2:30pm

course ICCB

Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

level 1, 50 hours

winter 2011 | Feb 11-13 | Mar 12-13 | Apr 8-10 | May 6-7
Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-2:30pm

course ICAD

Intensive Cadillac

level 1, 25 hours

winter 2011 | Feb 11-13 | Mar 12-13
Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-2:30pm

course ICHR

Intensive Stability Chair

level 1, 15 hours

spring 2011 | Apr 8-10
Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-2:30pm

course IBRL

Intensive Barrels

level 1, 10 hours

spring 2011 | May 6-7 | Fri 3:30pm-9pm | Sat 1pm-6:30pm

course AM

Advanced Matwork

level 2, 6 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 14 | 12pm-6:30pm

course ISP

Injuries & Special Populations

24 hours

spring 2011 | Apr 15-16 | May 6-7 | Fri-Sat 12pm-6:30pm

Continuing Education Workshops




Sat Dec 11

Matwork for Breast Cancer Rehab


Sat Dec 11

Programming on the Equipment for
Breast Cancer Rehab


Sat Dec 11

Prenatal Pilates with Stability Ball &


A written & practical exam is required for certification
exam may be taken within six months of completing course(s)

Space is limited! To register or for costs and additional information regarding these courses including fees, hours and scholarship opportunities contact Jamila Youmans or Nancy Hodari at Equilibrium 248-723-6500, fax 248-723-6550 or email

To verify course times, visit and click on Schedule Your Class. Create your unique login to view the webscheduler and confirm dates and times of courses and workshops. Click to begin.

Equilibrium Mind-Body Fitness
6405 Telegraph Road, Building G,
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48301

contact: Jamila Youmans or Nancy Hodari
phone: 248-723-6500
fax: 248-723-6550

visit Equilibrium Studio at

Equilibrium also conducts certification courses in:
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan
Kalamazoo, Michigan

The Studio
The first fully licensed STOTT PILATES certification center in the U.S. continues to set the standard for a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility, where environment and education come together to make fitness an enriching experience.

Seventeen certified and certifying instructors, including senior Instructor Trainers, and Physical Therapists with advanced STOTT PILATES rehab training make this facility world class!

Full certification, including an enriching apprenticeship program, with classes starting five times a year accomodate the most serious pilates students. Equilibrium also offers Gyrotonic, Gyrokineses, Alexander Technique, and Ballet Barre.

Getting There
see map.

The Instructors
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Laura Bovenberkt
Kim Dunleavy PT
Gayle Eubanks
Melissa Penn
Tracy Pighin
Amy Pronovost
Jason Roberts PT
Jill Roberts
Christine Pancotti
Amy Kubo-Slowik
Liz Smythe
Eva Powers
Kelly Jeanette
Jennifer Montie
Allison Walacavage
Molly Reeser
Marianna Pruss
Stephanie Morgan
Jessica Niespolo
Starr Yacoub
Alejandro Zavala PT

Expanded Apprenticeship Program
For the first time students enrolled in Intensive Courses have the opportunity to do an apprenticeship at Equilibrium. The benefit of the apprenticeship is that it provides the “real-life” teaching experience necessary to pass the examination. The studio will provide, to a limited number of Intensive trainees, the invaluable experience of working with everyone from world-class athletes to the injured and handicapped.

The intensive courses above are recommended for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness & health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their business. Applicants must have, at least three years experience teaching fitness, dance or movement, familiarity with the works of Joseph Pilates, formal anatomy training and a working knowledge of muscle origins, insertions and functions, in order to attend the course.

For a list of required (and optional) course materials click here

You are not obliged to write (and pay for) two exams if you are planning to take both courses. You may choose to wait until completion of the second course to write your exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam). If you prefer to pause between courses, you may choose to take an exam to become certified in Matwork only, and another exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam) after completing the second course to become certified in Reformer work. In this case two exam fees would apply.