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STOTT PILATES is recognized by the American Council on Exercise, Can-Fit-Pro, the College of Massage Therapy of Ontario as a continuing education provider.

Our original and most thorough certification program, the STOTT PILATES Comprehensive Program is designed for those with some movement training and exposure to pilates. Comprehensive courses provide the solid foundation, functional anatomy education and practical skills required to develop effective and motivating matwork and equipment based fitness and post-rehab programs. The entire Comprehensive program is conducted over 9 months, requiring a commitment of approximately 15 hours per week plus one hundred hours of apprenticeship


How to apply STOTT PILATES biomechanical principles of core stability, peripheral mobility, breathing and alignment to relevant exercises

Breakdown of essential and intermediate level exercises

Exercise essence, muscular initiation and movement sequencing

Variations to increase or decrease exercise intensity

Modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions

Effective communication, visual skills, verbal cuing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation


teaches the biomechanical principles of STOTT PILATES exercise and their application to the essential and intermediate level matwork and Reformer repertoire. At the end of the course your are qualified to design, teach and modify essential and intermediate level Matwork and Reformer based classes, integrating small equipment to add variety and to meet the specific needs of your client. In addition to the general course objectives you learn:

Functional anatomy (lecture-demo format)

Use of the Flex-Band, Fitness Circle and Arc Barrel to enhance, support and intensify strength and flexibility exercises

Effective use of resistance to enhance torso stability training and peripheral extremity conditioning

Modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions

How to develop effective Reformer and combined Mat work and Reformer programs for personal and group training

Essential, intermediate and power workouts

prerequisites: some training in dance, fitness or movement, exposure to pilates, limited training in functional anatomy and little to no prior teaching experience

course duration: 30 hours functional anatomy, 90 hours of instruction and supervised teaching, 20 hours observation*, 70 hours physical review, 40 hours practice teaching, 60 hours apprenticeship (performed upon completion of course material). Conducted over fifteen weeks.

CECs: 12.0 ACE


prepares you to teach essential and intermediate level stretch and strength exercises on equipment designed to complement STOTT PILATES training: Cadillac/Trapeze Table; Stability Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Arc Barrel. By the end of this course you are able to fine-tune both personal and circuit training programs to meet post-rehab, general fitness and athletic conditioning goals. In addition to the general course objectives you learn:

Effective use of resistance to enhance torso stability and peripheral extremity conditioning

How to develop dynamic programs for personal and circuit training

prerequisites: CMR

course duration: 50 hours instruction and supervised teaching, 10 hours observation, 40 hours physical review, 25 hours practice teaching, 40 hours apprenticeship (performedupon completion of course material). Conducted over eight weeks.

CECs: 5.0 ACE


certification awarded after successful completion of the following courses PLUS a written and practical exam


Mat-Plus & Reformer = CMR

Mat-Plus, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels = CMR, CCCB

Mat-Plus, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels, ISP = IMP, IR, ICCB, ISP


Mat-Plus & Reformer = CMR, AM, AR

Mat-Plus, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels = CMR, AM, AR, CCCB, ACCB

Full Certification = CMR, AM, AR, CCCB, ACCB, ISP

See our EXAM FAQ for what to expect in a certification exam.

FOR COURSE PRICES: Download a price list [$US or $CDN] for courses held in Toronto at the STOTT PILATES International Certification Center. Please note that pricing may vary at other facilities.

TO REQUEST A BROCHURE please click here or phone us at 416-482-4050 press 5.

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