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Certified Instructor Trainers

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Trainers have more than 1000 hours of training since earning their instructor certification. These highly-experienced trainers achieved a combined high score on their written and practical exams and have undergone additional certification to teach the STOTT PILATES Method to instructors-in-training. All Certified Instructor Trainers are able to work with a variety of clients in a group or private setting, including those with injuries or special needs.

Certified Instructors

STOTT PILATES Certified Instructors have completed all requirements for in-class instruction, practice teaching, observation and physical review hours. They have also achieved a minimum overall average on the written and practical examinations mandatory for course completion. All Certified Instructors have been trained to work with a variety of clients in a group or private setting, including those with injuries or special needs.

Apprentice Instructors

Apprentice Instructors are in the process of completing their STOTT PILATES Certification. In order to instruct at the apprentice level, the required number of hours for in-class instruction, practice teaching, observation and physical review have been completed. By teaching in the studio, apprentices gain knowledge and experiences that help prepare for their written and practical exams as well as their future Pilates career.

Instructor Trainers

Bianca Bolissian Bianca Bolissian, Instructor Trainer
At the age of four, Bianca Bolissian started dancing and she has not stopped since. In 2004, she graduated from the Dance University in Campinas, Brazil where she expanded her knowledge of classical ballet, and found a new interest in contemporary dance. Fulfilling her dream to live abroad, Bianca moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006. Always seeking new challenges she discovered STOTT PILATES where she combines her two passions; teaching and body movement. Bianca became a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor in 2007, and an Instructor Trainer in August 2008. As an outgoing and caring instructor, Bianca always puts her clients first and provides them with an enjoyable and productive workout.
Rie Sakamoto Rie Sakamoto, Instructor Trainer
As a university student in Japan, Rie Sakamoto’s hobbies included jazz and classical ballet. When she graduated with an English degree in 2000, Rie decided to pursue her interest in the human body and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006. She became interested in mind-body fitness and certified in the contemporary STOTT PILATES method. Having fulfilled that goal, Rie continued her STOTT PILATES education and became an Instructor Trainer in 2008. Always eager to learn, Rie strives to provide all of her clients with the most effective workout possible.
Sarah Jarvis Sarah Jarvis, Instructor Trainer
While completing her Business Administration degree at the University of Windsor, Sarah Jarvis began teaching aerobics and weight training classes. After finishing her degree, she moved to Toronto and started teaching fitness classes, working in sales and managing a club. Sarah soon discovered STOTT PILATES and discovering how the method strengthens and refocuses the mind and body, she made the transition from the high-impact training world.  Sarah completed her STOTT PILATES Full Certification in 2004 and began working at STOTT  PILATES Corporate  Training Center. Intrigued by both the business and training worlds, she combined her interests on the STOTT PILATES Education team as Programming Coordinator and is now a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.  Sarah has been working with STOTT PILATES since 2003 and continues to learn and grow building relationships and witnessing the impact the program has made on so many instructors and studios all over the world.

Lisa Kojola, Instructor Trainer
Lisa Kojola discovered STOTT PILATES while searching for an effective way to strengthen her body and increase flexibility. Inspired and fascinated by the versatile applications of this contemporary method she became a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor in 2004. Currently a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Lisa continues to instruct clients in addition to teaching instructors combining her love of teaching and continuing education. Lisa strives to provide her clients with challenging and fun workouts integrating current mind-body programming techniques.

Jeff Ong, Instructor Trainer
Jeff Ong graduated from the National University of Malaysia with a degree in Nutrition. He worked in the food and nutrition industry for six years before he decided to pursue his interest in body movement and fitness. The STOTT PILATES method of exercise and contemporary approach to mind-body fitness peaked Jeff’s interest and by 2007 he was a fully certified STOTT PILATES Instructor and became in Instructor Tainer in 2008. He is particularly passionate about the application of Pilates to the prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. Jeff attends various STOTT PILATES workshops to make sure his knowledge is always up-to-date.
Laureen DuBeau

Laureen DuBeau, Instructor Trainer
Communications Director, Education for STOTT PILATES, Laureen is an integral member of a dynamic team responsible for the global development and implementation of training and certification programs. Her spirited approach to teaching has made Laureen a vibrant international presenter, trainer and examiner. She began teaching Pilates in 1995 and is now a Certified Instructor Trainer in all areas, including Matwork, Reformer and Rehabilitation. Laureen is a featured performer in several STOTT PILATES DVDs, the associate editor of numerous teaching manuals, and an author of articles in several industry publications. Laureen studied Dance and Physical Education at York University in Toronto where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Certified Instructors

Stella Giannetas Stella Giannetas, Certified Instructor
Stella Giannetas has been active since an early age. However, during her busy college years Stella’s level of fitness dropped significantly and by the time she completed her schooling in illustration and jewelry art in 2003, she had gained some weight and started to experience significant back pain. Stella decided to turn to Pilates and to her amazement her back pain seemed to decrease. Inspired by the results she achieved with this no-impact workout, Stella enrolled in the STOTT PILATES certification program. By the time she had completed her education in 2004, she was looking and feeling like her old self again. Now, as a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor, Stella enjoys helping others reach their own personal health and fitness goals.
Michael Finkbeiner Michael Finkbeiner, Certified Instructor
Michael Finkbeiner received his instructor training at the STOTT PILATES International Certification Center in Toronto, Canada, and became a Certified Instructor in 2007. After completing his Full Certification, Michael taught at Pilates on Fifth, located on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, NYC. Michael’s creativity and attention to detail attracted a loyal clientele of New York’s elite. Upon returning to Toronto, Michael joined the renowned team of instructors at the STOTT PILATES Toronto Studio, distinguishing himself with his encouraging attitude and invigorating instruction. Michael’s passion and optimism aid him in empowering others to take charge of their body and mind in the Pilates studio and beyond.
Tania Serrano Tania Serrano, Certified Instructor
In 2002, Tania Serrano began studying Pilates after experiencing chronic lower back pain as a result of pregnancy. After one class she was hooked and continued training, earning her Full Certification from STOTT PILATES in 2008. She enjoys working with clients of every skill level including physiotherapists and runners, special needs groups and lifestage-specific clients including pre- and post-natal women. Tania thrives in on-going learning experiences and challenges from Pilates, and loves helping her clients meet their mind-body fitness goals. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with those around her, and continues to integrate the Five Basic Principles into her teachings and lifestyle for optimal functional health and movement.
Nicole Pillar, Certified Instructor
A former classical ballet dancer, Nicole has been a student of movement and bodywork for over 20 years.  During her time as a dancer, she trained and performed with the Quinte Ballet School, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and the Cuban National Ballet.  Nicole began practicing Pilates in 1991, when she hung up her pointe shoes as a result of a back injury.  Nicole earned her STOTT PILATES Certification in 2001, and since then has enriched her teaching with her experience in dance, movement and bodywork. In addition to dance and Pilates, Nicole has also been practicing Yoga for 12 years, and has completed a two year comprehensive Yoga certification at the Ester Myers Yoga Studio.  She has brought an in-depth knowledge of anatomy to her work, focusing on alignment, kinesthetic awareness, and breath in a meditative and invigorating way. 
Safia Kazulin

Safia Kazulin, Certified Instructor
With over 12 years experience in teaching movement (largely in a dance environment) it should come as no surprise that Safia Kazulin also developed a strong passion for Pilates as a means of body conditioning. She has been partaking in contemporary mind-body fitness for over 10 years. While completing her Bachelor of Arts, Honours in Film and Literary Studies at the University of Toronto, Safia led a dance company at Victoria College from 2003 to 2005. It was during a dance performance in 2003, that Safia injured her spine, which in turn inspired her decision to attain her STOTT PILATES Full Certification - a goal he attained in 2009. Safia’s love of teaching is evident in the personalized and dynamic workouts she always strives to provide for her clients.  

Judi Michaud, Certified Instructor
A STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor since 2009, Judi Michaud has been a Pilates fan for years. Upon completing her Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies and Bachelor of Business Administration degrees from Brock University, Judi spent some time travelling the world and discovering different cultures and their approach to health and wellness. When she returned to Canada, Judi moved to British Columbia where she first discovered STOTT PILATES in 2005. She enjoyed the method and pursued her certification once in Toronto. Judi especially appreciates the injury prevention and maintenance benefits of Pilates. Her goal is to provide clients with a gentle yet effective workout that will leave them feeling relaxed and lengthened. In her spare time Judi has been dabbling in martial arts and cross-training with Pilates has helped her learn quicker and prevent injury.
Jason Gamble, Certified Instructor
Jason has worked with STOTT PILATES since 2007. He started out at the Toronto Corporate Training Center in an administrative capacity and as someone long entrenched in the health and wellness industry, his career goals radically changed from a traditional corporate focus to a more hands-on active focus as a Pilates Instructor. In 2009, Jason completed his training and became a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor. His deep-rooted enthusiasm for contemporary mind-body fitness and dedication to the STOTT PILATES Method will help guide his clients to their peak physical performance.

Leah Mychayluk, Certified Instructor
A former ballet dancer and sports enthusiast, Leah discovered and fell in love with Pilates while completing her post-secondary education. Practising Pilates gave her a sense of discipline and mental clarity, control over exercise-induced asthma and increased awareness of alignment issues in her body that had resulted in back pain and knee injuries. After a few years of global adventures Leah eventually found herself in Toronto pursuing a STOTT PILATES® certification which she achieved in 2010. Leah is eager to share her passion with clients and tailor workout programs to suit their needs, issues and goals. Infusing her sessions with calm, focused energy, she hopes to help empower clients to achieve and live their best!

Karen Banting, Certified Instructor
A former dancer and gymnast, Karen has always had a passion for challenging the limits of her body. She loved all sports, but always found herself bored by the gym. Once she stepped on the Reformer for the first time, she never looked back. Loving the changes she saw in her body, and seeing improvements in old injuries made her recognize the benefits of this mind-body discipline. Karen began her training in 2010 and became a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor in the same year. She enjoys working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, finding satisfaction in helping people become stronger and more mobile, and also excitement in challenging her more athletic clients to increase their potential. Karen also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Queen’s University.