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MULTILINGUAL TITLES (in English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese)

Matwork Series

Essential Matwork,
3rd edition

Intermediate Matwork,
3rd edition.

Advanced Matwork,
3rd edition

Cadillac Series

Essential Cadillac,
2nd Ed.

Intermediate Cadillac,
2nd Ed.

Advanced Cadillac,
2nd Ed.

Reformer Series

Essential Reformer,
3rd Ed.

Intermediate Reformer,
2nd Ed.

Advanced Reformer,
2nd Ed.

V2 Max Plus™ Series

Stability Chair Series

V2 Max Plus™ Programming

Athletic Conditioning
on the V2 Max Plus™

Essential & Intermediate
Stability Chair, 2nd Ed.

Advanced Stability Chair,
2nd Ed.

Barrel Series

Complete Barrel Repertoire