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Events & Tradeshows

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ACE Fitness Symposium
Nov 3-6 | San Diego, CA

Nov 4-7 | Long Beach, CA

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What’s New at our
Corporate Training Centers?

Toronto, ON
Intensive Cadillac | starts Nov 19
Seven Days of CECs | starts Dec 10

New York, NY
Intensive Mat-Plus™ | starts Nov 19
Cardio-Tramp™ Workshop | Nov 13

Denver, CO
Intensive Cadillac | starts Nov 12
Athletic Conditioning
on Stability Cushions™ | Dec 4

The 2010 STOTT PILATES Community of Excellence™ Tour coming soon to a city near you!

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Continuing Education:
Spotlight FAQ

Q. What will happen if I do not complete my CECs for the year?

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Bits n’ Bites

Our President & CEO Makes Golf History
Odds are just 67 million to 1, but Lindsay G. Merrithew hit 2 aces in the first 9 holes of a round of golf in Miami this October. Congrats Lindsay! Check out the full story for the detailed play-by-play.

Seven Days of CECs in Toronto
Have you completed your CECs for the year? Join us at our Toronto Corporate Training Center, December 10-16, 2010 for seven days of workshop fun. Check out the line up and register today.

Student Rebate Program
Complete your certification between November 1, 2010 and February 28, 2011 and receive a 5% rebate on all equipment purchases made six months prior to your exam. Contact our Equipment team for more details.

Refer and Be Rewarded
Refer a friend to one of our certification courses and save up to $200 on your education! Hurry, this offer ends December 31st, 2010. Find out more about the conditions of this program.


Exercise of the Month

Knee Stretches - Round Back on the Reformer

Targets rectus abdominis, obliques, hip extensors and flexors, quadriceps
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Two Great Reformer Offers

Get a FREE Reformer or receive 10% off Reformer accessories and replacement parts.

Kick-Start Your Holiday Shopping

Save 20% on all Power Packs!

Complete Your CECs for the Year

Get 20% off every second workshop or receive 10% off when you host three or more workshops.

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Lindsay & MoiraDear Friends,

For most of you living in a four-season climate, autumn is in full bloom. As you enjoy the rainbow of fall colors, take some time to reflect on the beauty in your life. If you’re an instructor, think of the milestones you accomplished with your clients this year. If you’re a Pilates enthusiast, remember your personal mind-body fitness achievements.

Whatever health and fitness goals you have yet to conquer, remember to stay focused, confident and balanced with a regular dose of Pilates.

Yours in good health,

Lindsay & Moira Merrithew
Co-founders, Merrithew Health & Fitness

In the News


NEW Cardio-Tramp™ Rebounder
Introducing a new, fun way to do cardio exercise on the Reformer! Add some bounce to your routine, and challenge your coordination and aerobic fitness, with this trampoline-like tool. Get the Professional or SPX™ model.

Reach for Success
Are your clients working on tighter budgets? How do you ensure your Pilates studio continues to thrive in tough economic times? Get valuable business tips from our President and CEO, Lindsay G. Merrithew.

Personal Training and Pilates
Pilates is a great way to challenge your clients and boost your fitness career. Find out how you can get started from a panel of experts including Lindsay G. Merrithew and Stefania Della Pia, Program Director of Education and Master Instructor Trainer.

Pilates for Life
Pilates can help you achieve your dream body. However, it is also a great way for people of all ages and abilities to stay healthy and fit as they age or recover from injury. Find out more about Pilates and rehab.

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Ask the Experts!

Got a question? Get answers! Our Pilates experts will share their perspectives, give advice, provide support and coach you along the way to success. So if you need insight into STOTT PILATES® training, marketing support for upcoming courses and workshops or want to challenge yourself with an at-home workout – send us an email, and your question may be featured in next month’s newsletter!

Q. I was recently diagnosed with osteopenia and I do the STOTT PILATES Be Kind to your Spine DVD workout. Advice for osteopenia cases is to not do exercises that arch the back backwards to avoid spinal fractures. Do you think it's okay to do the Mat work where you are on your stomach and lift your head and move shoulder blades back (slight back arch involved)? – Thanks Chrystie

Sally BelangerSally Belanger, Project Specialist, Education & Master Instructor Trainer responds:
Osteopenia can be described as a 10-20% loss of bone density. It can be the precursor to, although is not always predictive of, osteoporosis. There is much conflicting research and many differing philosophies on how best to work with osteopenia and osteoporosis.  
What the experts do agree upon is that regular weight bearing exercises can help to build and maintain strong bones. For optimal bone building, it is better to exercise several times per week for a shorter period of time, rather than doing longer sessions less frequently. Bones will acclimatize to a regular routine, so variety and challenge must be added to the exercise program.  Bone density gains are quickly lost when exercise is discontinued.  
Debate surrounds the choice of movements that are performed during an exercise session; varying movements of the spine will create different compressive forces on it. Most experts agree that exercising in a neutral spine (normal functional position), or with the back extended (spine bending backwards), is beneficial for clients with osteopenia or osteoporosis. In a study performed by Sinaki, it was found that strengthening the spinal extensors, which are the muscles that extend your back, results in stronger bones. The movements that are controversial for the client with osteopenia and osteoporosis, are flexion (forward bending of the spine) and rotation of the spine. These movements may prove to be detrimental. Therefore, according to currently accepted research, the exercises that promote either a neutral spinal position or extension in the Be Kind to your Spine DVD are good choices for a client with osteopenia.
However, anyone with a special condition or injury should follow the guidelines received from their medical practitioner regarding movements that will be beneficial or may be harmful.

Our website contains a lot of other information to help you along the way, such as Frequently Asked Questions, Catalogs and Brochures and Newsletter Archive.

Need Pilates Advice? Challenge our rotating panel of experts with any question you may have, and we’ll settle the debate, give you our perspective and/or provide support.




Equip Tips

Tune Up Your Equipment

Make sure your equipment is running smoothly; keep it in top shape by replacing certain parts when necessary. It’s quick and easy, simply follow these steps:

  • Replace any equipment springs with deformities and coil gaps. If the springs are over two years old, it is time for a scheduled replacement.
  • Immediately replace any spring clip locking gates that are defective or not opening and closing smoothly and fully. Otherwise, replace all spring clips (including the swiveling spring clips connected to the traditional Reformer Ropes) annually.
  • Check Reformer Ropes for fraying, bulges or bumps and replace if required.
  • Test-roll your Reformer Carriages without springs attached. If the carriage roll feels rough or irregular, replace your fixed and floating rollers. 
  • Replace stripped or worn star knobs and carriage stoppers.
  • Inspect all vinyl components for wear and tear and re-upholster if necessary.

Questions about equipment maintenance? Need a quote on replacement parts? Contact our Commercial Sales Department by email at or call 1‑800‑910‑0001 ext. 264 (North America) or 1‑416‑482 4050 ext. 264 (International).

Featured Products

Colorful Non-Latex Flex-Bands®

Looking for fun, unique stocking stuffer ideas? The Non-Latex Flex-Bands are compact, economical and come in an attractive storage tube. The fitness enthusiast in your life will be flextatic!

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