With the single largest collection of pilates videos worldwide, STOTT PILATES' results-oriented mind-body exercise system has enhanced the lives of millions of people, just like you.

Whether your goal is to get in shape or stay in shape, STOTT PILATES is an exercise regimen that can be performed over a lifetime – helping you to develop and maintain a fit and healthy body while quieting and focusing the mind. The extensive STOTT PILATES library allows you to customize your program and progress through a variety of workouts that will keep you challenged and motivated.

For assistance in choosing videos that will be right for you, don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable customer service consultants.

Thank you for choosing STOTT PILATES. You’ve taken an important first step in realizing your mind-body fitness goals, and we trust you’ll enjoy the results.

Yours in good health,

Lindsay G. Merrithew & Moira Merrithew

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DVD Special Features

At Home DVD Special Features:
• BONUS workout – Try the Next Level
• 26 BONUS exercise clips
• Workout with music only
• Preview other titles
• Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
• Learn about instructor training

PRO DVD Special Features:
• BONUS workout – 2 Different “Try the Next Level” Clips
• 53 BONUS exercise clips
• Exercises broken down into chapter points
• Workout with music only
• Preview other titles
• Check out STOTT PILATES equipment
• Learn about instructor training

BONUS on Reformer titles:
• Reformer Safety
• Reformer Modifications
• Plyometrics Bonus Clip

Levels of Difficulty

Entry level workouts and or modified workouts (e.g. Back Care and Armchair series are modified for specific populations). Suitable for those who have never done STOTT PILATES.

For those who know the basics and are ready to intensify
strength and flexibility requirements.

Intensify core stabilization and challenge upper and
lower body to work simultaneously.

For those who have established a strong mind-body connection
and are ready to further intensify their workout.

The ultimate mind-body and core strength challenge.

Region Codes

STOTT PILATES DVDs are Region Code 0
and play anywhere in the world.

Video Formats

NTSC – is the video format used in North America, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and parts of South America.

PAL – is the video format used in most European countries.

Most international DVD players can play
NTSC or PAL formatted DVDs.

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