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Introducing the STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation Program

October 6, 2010

TORONTO - Pilates is being embraced by the medical and rehab communities who are applauding the virtues of this approach, and STOTT PILATES® is leading the charge to bridge the gap between rehab and fitness. The Rehabilitation Certification Program is designed for physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors and doctors of sports medicine looking to integrate Pilates into therapeutic conditioning. It teaches therapists the biomechanical principles of STOTT PILATES and their application in a rehab setting.

“The Basic Principles of STOTT PILATES are consistent with the basic principles of Rehabilitation. We work with the premise that Pilates and rehabilitation need to address the body as a whole, not just a collection of individual parts,” says Melanie Byford-Young, Rehab Master Instructor Trainer for STOTT PILATES’ proprietary Rehabilitation Program.

Pilates is a gentle restorative exercise regimen perfectly suited for most people as they recover and work to rebuild their bodies. It can be used for injury management, prevention and to maintain fitness levels after physical therapy. Pilates can be modified to safely address and rehabilitate specific issues to do with active aging, breast cancer rehab, sports injuries and an array of movement dysfunctions.

Often referred to as the “Ivy League” school of Pilates, STOTT PILATES provides in-depth knowledge that demonstrates how to appropriately integrate Pilates exercises into therapeutic conditioning.

THE MERRITHEW HEALTH & FITNESS GROUP was founded in 1988 by Lindsay and Moira Merrithew. The company’s mission is to promote the benefits of mind-body exercise worldwide. STOTT PILATES®, Merrithew’s premier Pilates brand, delivers innovation through equipment and high-caliber education with over 27,000 trained from 106 countries. MERRITHEW ENTERTAINMENT produces print and video-based exercise content for professional and consumer markets. For more information visit