As a practical, restorative exercise, Pilates is suited for most people as they progress through the rehabilitative process. Built upon proven therapeutic foundations, STOTT PILATES can accommodate all stages of recovery from acute to post-rehabilitative exercise. Modifications designed to address specific concerns can assist with musculo-skeletal issues as well as those brought on by disease or other chronic conditions. The same biomechanical principles can be incorporated to assist with injury prevention and maintenance of an active lifestyle.

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About Pilates & STOTT PILATES


STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Program

This training program is designed for physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors and doctors of sports medicine looking to integrate Pilates into therapeutic conditioning. Learn the biomechanical principles of STOTT PILATES and their application in a rehab setting. Find out more about the course outlines, objectives and benefits.

Introducing our new RMR1 Support Materials Manual and RMR1 Course Package! Discover the Therapeutic Foundations of STOTT PILATES with these clear and detailed guides. Includes: exercises, modifications, case studies and much more.

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“I have used STOTT PILATES for therapeutic exercise and neuromuscular re-education interventions in my physical therapy practice since 2003. I appreciate the efficiency of the approach; I can work core musculature, multiple peripheral muscle groups, neuromuscular control, proprioception and increase body awareness by choosing a handful of targeted exercises specific to the patient and diagnosis I am treating. The flexibility of the approach and equipment make working with a wide variety of patients so easy. I can effectively and safely treat a 90 year-old with a spinal fusion or an athlete who wants to improve performance and prevent injury. I have also seen the benefit of developing a cash pay Pilates revenue stream within my physical therapy practice. My patients are exposed to the equipment and the STOTT PILATES method in their physical therapy treatment. They recognize and feel the benefit of STOTT PILATES and want to continue with cash pay STOTT PILATES sessions after they are discharged from therapy as part of their maintenance program. Making the transition from a third party reimbursement to cash pay client couldn’t be made easier!”
– Sara Baker PT, MS, OCS, Inspire Health, Atlanta, GA

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