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STOTT PILATES* Sends its Mind-body Message Home
with 6 new DVD and VHS titles


STOTT PILATES, a subsidiary of Merrithew Corporation, one of the fastest growing companies in Canada**, today announced the retail release of six new DVD and VHS titles, through SMA Distribution. Recognized by industry experts as the world’s foremost pilates exercise brand, the company’s new, multi-featured DVDs and innovative VHS titles will hit the street January 6, 2004 in time for New Year’s Resolutions (pre-book date December 1) The release of new titles is part of a progressive release of its extensive “At Home” line of videos and accessories.

Executive producer and STOTT PILATES President and CEO, Lindsay G. Merrithew, and master pilates instructor Moira Merrithew, creator of the STOTT PILATES method of exercise, are both featured on the DVDs. Mr. and Mrs. Merrithew were also finalists for this year’s coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Awards in the Media and Entertainment category.

“Pilates has grown more than 90 percent in the past year alone, making it the fastest growing exercise trend in North America,” said Mr. Merrithew. “Our new releases will allow retailers to capitalize on this strong trend with a brand that not only has a significant following among Canadian consumers but also has long-term credibility among fitness and health professionals worldwide.”

The STOTT PILATES brand is promoted across Canada and the United States through consumer, trade and co-op advertising, public relations, an aggressive Internet Banner campaign, trade shows, and more than a thousand STOTT PILATES instructors across Canada.

The three DVDs, ideal for beginners, include such extra features as “Try the Next Level” bonus workout, exercise chapter selection for workout customization, exercise clips from 27 other titles, workout with music only, meet the instructor, plus a look at STOTT PILATES accessories and professional training. The new DVDs (titles also available on VHS) include:

Sunrise Workout, part of the Pilates Express series, offers a quick workout for those tight on time. It leaves you feeling stretched, refreshed, and ready to take on the challenges of the day. $24.95.

Core Balance, first level in the Pilates Stability Ball* series, helps engage the deep abdominal muscles and rebalance the body using a standard inflatable exercise ball. $24.95.

Sculpt & Tone, level one in the Pilates Flex-Band series, helps you sculpt and tone your muscles using the resistance of a Flex-Band exerciser. This DVD is priced at $34.95 and comes with its own regular strength Flex-Band exerciser.

The new VHS titles build on previously released STOTT PILATES titles by offering consumers more innovative routines, some involving small equipment. The grouping includes:

Body & Soul, third in the Pilates-Infused* Yoga series, is a unique hybrid of yoga and STOTT PILATES that combines fluid movement with deep stretches and stabilizing poses. $14.95.

Revive Workout, part of the Pilates Express series, offers a quick workout for those tight on time. It helps you lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles while releasing tension and mastering the mind-body connection. $14.95.

Sculpt & Tone, level one in the Pilates Flex-Band series, helps you sculpt and tone your muscles using the resistance of a Flex-Band exerciser. Priced at $24.95, this video comes with its own regular strength Flex-Band exerciser (also available on DVD).

A pre-packed point-of-purchase merchandiser is also available to retailers. STOTT PILATES will simultaneously release six of its most popular English titles in French. Look for “Be Kind to Your Spine: Le dos en douceur”, “Sunrise Workout: Séance matinale”, and “Core Challenge: Puissance au centre”, on VHS; as well as “Basic Pilates: Pilates pour débutants”, “The Secret to Flat Abs: le Secret pour avoir des abdominaux plats”, and “Firm and Fit: Ferme et en forme”, on DVD.

With more than 50 titles in its library, the STOTT PILATES “At Home” and “Professional” video collection is the most comprehensive of its kind in the world.

To retail STOTT PILATES Products, contact SMA Distribution at 1-800-267-1216 OR 905-624-4840.

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All products can be ordered through STOTT PILATES by calling toll-free in North America 1-800-910-0001 or online at

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STOTT PILATES, a subsidiary of the Merrithew Corporation, is the only full-service organization of its kind providing high-caliber pilates education, videos and equipment worldwide. Founded in Toronto in 1988 by Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, the company’s mission is to promote the benefits of mind-body fitness worldwide. Visit