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Enter to Win For those of you living in Canada, check out the Chatelaine Winter Warm Up contest. There are hundreds of prizes to be won including $800 in STOTT PILATES gear. Enter the contest now!

UK Equipment Sales
We are now selling STOTT PILATES equipment and accessories direct to our UK customers. Find out more about better pricing, shorter order turnaround times and exciting new equipment bundles not previously offered in the UK.


Exercise of the Month

Swan Dive with a Mini Stability Ball™

Targets back and hip extensors; shoulder girdle; abdominals
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Pilates for a Healthy Heart

Save 25% off select DVDs

STOTT PILATES® European Symposium 2011

10% off registration until March 13

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Events & Tradeshows

IDEA Personal Trainer Institute
Feb 17-20 | Alexandria, VA

Mar 10-13 | New York, NY

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What’s New at our
Corporate Training Centers?

Toronto, ON
ICHR | starts Feb 14
IBRL | starts Feb 17

New York, NY
Introduction to the Vertical Frame | Feb 25
IMP | starts Mar 25

Denver, CO
RMR2 | starts Mar 3
ISP | starts Mar 31

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Job Board

Visit our online Job Board for a list of Pilates instructor positions worldwide.
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Toronto Head Office Careers
If you’re passionate about Pilates and you’re looking for a rewarding, fun and fast-paced career, check out our available positions

Lindsay & MoiraDear Friends,

With the New Year in full swing there’s no better time to check in on your health and fitness goals. Stay on track by recording your progress, rewarding your successes and not getting discouraged by the occasional slip. Having a support system is crucial to long-term change so get your friends and family on board for motivation. Meaningful lifestyle changes take time so stay strong and positive—your body and mind will thank you!

Yours in good health,

Lindsay & Moira Merrithew
Co-founders, The Merrithew Health & Fitness Group

In the News


February Freight Freeze
It’s everyone’s favorite time of year – Free Shipping Month! Stock up on the best-in-class Pilates equipment and save hundreds of dollars on shipping. Find out more about the conditions of this limited-time offer.

Now you can do your favorite Pilates workout anytime and anywhere with the new FitnessClass iPad app. Choose from one of seven STOTT PILATES routines and enjoy Pilates at your fingertips! Find out more.

Exercise for a Lifetime
It’s no secret that physical activity is key to maintaining a quality of life as we age. Pilates is gentle and can be modified to meet the unique needs of the aging population. Read more about Pilates for older adults.

Too Macho for Pilates?
Think again! Joseph Pilates was a boxer, body builder and gymnast. Today, many men’s sports teams incorporate Pilates into their training regimens. Find out how you can attract more men to your Pilates facility.

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Ask the Experts!

Got a question? Get answers!

Q. How do I select the STOTT PILATES Mat that is best for me? How do I care for my Mat?

Kaylie Gordon, Retail Sales Representative responds:
If you are looking for a studio-quality mat our Deluxe Pilates Mat is the one for you. At 5/8" this is our thickest mat and should be stored flat. The Deluxe Pilates Mat is sure to provide optimal comfort and protection for your spine. If space is an issue or if you are interested in a portable Mat that you can take with you to class, try our Pilates Express™ Mat. This 3/8" thick mat increases comfort and support for your spine, even on hard floor surfaces. The integrated Velcro straps allow you to roll and go!

If you’re committed to keeping our planet healthy, our Eco-Friendly Mat™ will be a welcome addition to your routine. This mat is 100% recyclable and decomposable. At a versatile ¼" thick it can be used for both Pilates and Yoga.

For those in need of a mat primarily for Yoga, our 4mm Pilates & Yoga Mat is the best choice. The textured surface will help you to hold the toughest of poses. Available in six stunning designs and matching water bottles, they’re sure to please all types of Yogis.

To clean and refresh your mat use a combination of tea tree oil and water. Tee tree oil is a wonderful natural deodorizer and anti-bacterial agent. Mix approximately seven to ten drops in 500ml of water. Spray it on the surface of your mat and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Our Eco-Friendly Mat™ can also be cleaned by wiping the mat with a cloth dipped in water and soap. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all soap is removed. Or you can lay your Eco-Friendly Mat™ in a tub of warm water mixed with 200 mL of white vinegar for a 30‑minute soak. To dry, roll your mat in a towel to absorb excess water.

Our website contains a lot of other information to help you along the way, such as Frequently Asked Questions, Catalogs and Brochures and Newsletter Archive.

Need Pilates Advice? Challenge our panel of experts with any question you may have, and we’ll settle the debate, give you our perspective and/or provide support. Send us an email and your question may be featured in next month’s newsletter!




Equipment Spotlight

The Cardio-Tramp™ Reformer Rebounder

Like the Jumpboard, the new Cardio-Tramp easily and quickly attaches to your Reformer. The Cardio-Tramp fits standard 24" carriage-width Reformers and the Cardio-Tramp SPX™ fits all SPX Reformers with 22" carriage widths.

Where the traditional Jumpboard provides a firm, flat jumping platform with excellent proprioceptive feedback, useful for precision footwork routines, the Cardio-Tramp offers a softer, more resilient surface for a lower-impact jumping experience.

Cardio-Tramp sessions can be sustained longer because of the elastic rebound nature of the trampoline’s webbing. Conversely because the trampoline’s landing area is pliable and unstable, the intrinsic muscles and other stabilizing structures of the feet get a better workout.

Pilates is very much about “precision in choice of movement” and STOTT PILATES now gives you two functionally focused options for plyometric training on your Reformer. You can use the traditional Jumpboard for precise, flat surface Footwork routines or the new Cardio-Tramp for softer, longer rebounding sessions.

Our Commercial Sales team can answer any questions you may have and assist you with studio layout, equipment selection and financing, plus staff training. Contact us by email at or call 1‑800‑910‑0001 x264 (North America) or 1‑416‑482-4050 x264 (International).