At STOTT PILATES, we take great pride in the superior design and professional craftsmanship of every piece of equipment we make. It is important that our products optimize performance of the full repertoire of mind-body exercises.

Used by sports teams, health professionals and fitness facilities around the world, STOTT PILATES equipment has become synonymous with quality in the industry.

We are now selling STOTT PILATES® products direct to our UK customers!

Introducing our new Equipment and Reformer Bundlesour best-selling equipment, including the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer series, Cadillac and Stability Chair™, are now conveniently bundled to meet your individual needs. Download a UK Price List

Contact Catherine O'Brien for more information or to receive a customized quote with curbside delivery! Tel: 0800-328-5676 | email:

Regular equipment, DVD and educational material discounts apply to students and Certified Instructors.
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