Exercise of the Month: Hundred

Targets transversus abdominis; rectus abdominis, and obliques concentrically to create and maintain thoracic flexion; latissimus dorsi and pectoralis major to stabilize arms; hip flexors, adductors, and quadriceps isometrically to maintain position of legs; scapular stabilizers throughout.

Steps 1 & 6
Step 2
Steps 2-5


  1. Begin supine, in an imprinted or neutral position with your legs in a tabletop position. Ensure elbows are flexed by the sides of your body with hands in straps, fingers long and palms facing forward. Stabilize scapulae in this position.


To prepare, INHALE.
  1. EXHALE Lengthen the back of your neck while keeping scapulae stabilized and contract abdominals to flex thoracic spine. Simultaneously, extend elbows, reaching arms by your sides leveled with shoulders, and extend legs on a diagonal as low as imprint or neutral can be maintained.
  1. INHALE For five counts, keeping upper body flexion and scapular and pelvic stability, while doing small vertical pulses with your arms. Focus on minimizing carriage movement.

  2. EXHALE For five counts while continuing to pulse your arms. Continue to focus on minimizing carriage movement.
Complete 10 sets (for a total of 100 counts)

To finish...

  1. INHALE Remain in upper body flexion, flex your knees and continue to reach arms.

  2. EXHALE Flex elbows and return upper body to carriage. Legs remain in tabletop position.

No Reformer? Try this exercise on an exercise Mat without the spring resistance!

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