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september 2002 newsletter
keep up on our latest news, promotions, events and tips
.Special this Month

Great Savings for Fall | 25% Off Arc Barrels
This month we are offering one of our most versatile pieces. The Arc Barrel can be used to complement any stretching or strengthening exercises in pilates, yoga, fitness or athletic training. Pilates instructors and rehab staff use the Arc Barrel to help clients get maximum benefits from their sessions.

Lightweight, durable construction makes it portable and sturdy. Constructed of a single curved piece of wood, it's padded with EVA foam and high-grade black vinyl upholstery to keep you comfortable. – It's perfect for home use, too.

From September 1 to 30, 2002, purchase the Arc Barrel and get 25% off. Only $108.75 US | $161.25 CDN

Shipping, handling and applicable taxes are additional.
Offer valid 12:01am, Sept 1 to midnight, Sept 30, 2002, E.S.T.

In celebration of the launch of our newest videos... get free shipping on videos when you pre-order this month.

Motivate, challenge and inspire your workouts with our newest videos. We now have more that 50 pilates & yoga titles for all ages and abilities – it's the most comprehensive collection available anywhere.

Videos will begin shipping out on October 15, 2002. Be the first to get yours plus get free shipping on orders placed this month

Free shipping offer applies to new videos only. May not be combined with other offers. Applicable taxes are additional. Offer valid on orders placed between 12:01am, Sept 1 to midnight, Sept 30, 2002, E.S.T.

To view the complete list of new titles, click here

.New Products

Now available and sellling like hotcakes... the Rack & Roll* Reformer. Get all the versatility and craftsmanship of a STOTT Professional Reformer in a streamlined, space-saving, and stackable design. Available in 85 colors. Call 1-800-910-0001 x 264 or click here for more details.

Foam Rollers and Stability Balls, both excellent accessories for enhancing your pilates repertoire. Made of white, high-density foam, they measure 6" x 36". Stability Balls come in two sizes, 55 and 65 cm, green and blue respectively. Watch for companion videos coming out in October. To order call the sales department at 1-800-910-0001 x 264 or click here.
.In the News .Recent Winner
Tune in to the W Network (a Canadian cable channel) on September 4th at 8pm for The Right Fit and an interview with Moira Merrithew.

Sharon of Evington, VA won $250 STOTT Dollars at DCAC in Reston, VA. Fill out a ballot at our tradeshow booth for your chance to win.
INTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses at the International Certification Center in Toronto, Canada

Upcoming Certification Courses...
IMP Intensive Mat-Plus* weekdays
Nov. 11 to Nov. 22,
9am to 1pm

IR Intensive Reformer weekdays
Sept. 5 to Sept. 25, 9am to 1pm
Nov. 25 to Dec. 13, 9am to 1pm

ICCB Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels weekdays
Sept 30 to Oct 21, 2002

ICCB Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels in 4 weekends
Sept 13, 14, 15; Oct 4, 5, 6; Nov 16, 17; December 7, 8

CMR Comprehensive Mat & Reformer
Sept 23, 2002 to Jan 16, 2003
Jan 13, 2003 to Apr 24, 2003,
9am to 1pm

ISP Injury and Special Populations
Oct 22 to 25 session sold out

AM/AR Advanced Repertoire weekdays
Oct 28 to Nov 2 space limited

RMR1 & RMR2 Rehab Series (for licensed health professionals)
RMR1 = Sept 4 to 7, 2002
RMR2 = Oct 16 to 19, 2002

Get more information on the certification program and course dates available in Toronto and elsewhere.

Upcoming CEC Workshops...
Power Fitness Circle* Sept 20, 2002, 4-6pm
Intermediate Reformer Sept 21, 2002, 10am-1pm
Advanced Matwork Oct 18, 2002 3pm-5pm
Advanced Reformer Oct 19, 2002 10am-12pm

Please contact Kimberley Seeley at ext. 246 to register for these courses and workshops, or email education@stottpilates.com

See the complete list of 2002 Workshops being offered both in Toronto and elsewhere.

EXTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses and workshops being held at locations around the world

Anchorage, Alaska
Intensive Mat-Plus*
Sept 9-13 | Sept 16-20
For location, registration and more info click here

New Britain, Connecticut
-- Intensive Reformer
Sept 13, 14, 15
| Sept 28, 29 | Oct 12, 13,14 | Oct 26, 27
For location, registration and more info click here

Richmond, Virginia
-- Intensive Mat-Plus & Intensive Reformer
Sept 20-22
| Oct 4-6 | Oct 18-20 | Nov 1- 3 | Nov 15-17 | Dec 6-8
For location, registration and more info click here

Chesapeake, Virginia
-- Intensive Mat-Plus
Feb 21, 22, 23
| Mar 14, 15, 16 | Apr 4, 5, 6
For location, registration and more info click here

Calgary, Alberta
-- Intensive Mat-Plus
Sept 26 to Oct 8

For location, registration and more info click here

Santiago, Chile
-- Intensive Mat-Plus & Reformer
Oct 21 to Nov16

For location, registration and more info click here

Please contact Jane Underhill at ext. 232 to register for these courses and workshops, or email education@stottpilates.com

STOTT PILATES Training and Certification courses and workshops are also available at STOTT licensed certification centers throughout North America. Click for details and the center nearest you

Join us at the following tradeshows and fill out a ballot for a chance to win a prize. Plus, while there, enjoy a complimentary workout.

Club Industry October 10-12, 2002 McCormick Place, Chicago, IL Registration & Information:
Note that STOTT will not be presenting at this show, but please stop by our booth to take advantage of our Show Specials.

Thur, Oct 10
Fri, Oct 11, 11:30am - 5:30pm,
Sat, Oct 12, 11am - 3pm
To register or if you'd like a
FREE PASS to this show, click here

ECA Miami November 7-10, 2002 Miami, Florida
Registration & Information:
or call 1-800-ECA-EXPO or 516-432-6877

Fri, Nov 8
Sat, Nov 9, 1pm-7pm,
Sun, Nov 10, 10am-3pm
.Exercise of the Month
Jack Knife find photos below
Lying on your back. Lower back should be lengthened but not pressed into the floor. Legs are together, straight and on an angle (but not so low that lower back arches). Feet gently pointed away from the body. Arms are long by sides, palms down, shoulder blades wide across the back of the rib cage (neither pinched together nor rounded forward).

EXERCISE complete 4 to 6 repetitions of entire sequence.

Hinge legs toward you ‘til toes point to ceiling, then from tailbone, curl the spine off mat until legs are over your face parallel to the floor. Body weight is between shoulder blades, not on the neck!

Reach feet toward the ceiling, increasing the angle at the hip joint, while keeping the spine in C-shape.
Hold position, making sure weight is not on the neck.

Keep feet reaching to the ceiling and roll down through the spine (try not to fold at the hips, or round shoulders forward during the roll down). Lower legs to starting position.

Try to roll up and down through the length of the spine evenly and smoothly. Don’t just throw the legs over head. Keep the neck long and relaxed. And keep the breath flowing!

Use of a Small or Arc Barrel lessens abdominal work required and decreases range of motion. Start with pelvis near top of Barrel, imprinted position.
1. starting position 2. hinge legs 3. roll over 4. reach toes to ceiling
5. roll down 6. fully down 7. return to diagonal modification on barrel
Exercises excerpted from the STOTT PILATES Comprehensive Matwork manual.
STOTT PILATES manuals include additional instructional information, and modifications, not published here.

...All rights reserved. This material, including photographs, may not be copied or used in any form without express permission from Merrithew Corporation.
...TM/R Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license.