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All the versatility and craftsmanship of a STOTT PILATES Professional Reformer in a streamlined, space-saving, stackable design.
carriage width 24"

height 8-1/2"

overall length 97"

weight 120 lbs

available in 85 colors
black is standard,
custom colors extra

some assembly required

Enhanced convenience. Uncompromised quality.
We’ve taken the superior adjustability and durability of our best-selling Professional Reformer and rolled it all into one sleek, compact machine. We’re proud to introduce you to the precision, practicality and unbridled performance of our new Rack & Roll Reformer – designed to maximize space without compromising quality.

Premium portability.
They’re easy-to-move, easy-to-set up and easy-to-store. Just roll them in for a session, then rack them up and out of the way. They stack and store five-high, and simply wheel to where you need them, when you need them.

Complete versatility. Maximum profitability.
The Rack & Roll facilitates hundreds of exercises and adjusts to accommodate users of every size and ability. Six carriage stopping positions accommodate hip and knee flexion. For added versatility and challenge, add one of our Reformer accessories: the Jumpboard, Rotational Diskboard, Padded Platform Extender and Mat Converter all fit our new model.

Perfect for club, clinic and studio use.
Ideal for one-on-one training and personalized group fitness classes, the Rack & Roll Reformer lets you maximize both space and profits.

Rack & Roll workout video FREE with your STOTT PILATES Rack & Roll Reformer

unique, six position carriage stopping system accommodates different heights and abilities an adjustable gearbar and 4-position footbar offers complete versatility reinforced pulley bars, padded loops and shoulder rests neatly slot into the stacking block

reformers stack five-high, for storage and the rolling base (optional) allows you to roll them out of sight. easy-roll wheels make moving reformers within your studio a breeze
patented rolling mechanism
-- detachable shoulder rests
-- detachable pulleybars
-- dense evazote (EVA) foam
-- durable vinyl upholstery
-- easy-roll wheels
-- hardwood standing platform
-- 4 100%-tension reformer springs
-- 1 50%-tension reformer spring
-- soft reformer loops & ropes
-- wide carriage
-- 3 gearbar positions
-- 6 carriage stopping positions
-- 3 headrest positions
-- 4 footbar positions (folds flat for racking)

reformer box with footstrap
-- long spine straps
-- foam grip handles
-- jumpboard
-- rotational diskboard
-- soft footbar
-- padded platform extender
-- mat converter
-- rolling base
-- additional stacking blocks

a mat converter (optional purchase) creates a stable surface for matwork exercises

Fitness professionals may be eligible for further discounts. For further details and pricing (including quotes in Canadian dollars), log in to our store.


helpful wall charts outline the STOTT PILATES repertoire of Reformer exercises for each level.

available as colorful posters for your walls or in handy tear-off pads of 100 sheets for studio use.
complete your collection of Reformer videos with these titles. We have a video for every skill level, from Essential Reformer through Intermediate Reformer to the two-volumed AdvancedReformer plus a Power Reformer to pick up the pace and Reformer Modifications to assist the instructor. For more information, visit our videos page.
Essential Reformer Advanced Reformer I

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