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The STOTT PILATES Professional video series is designed to complement our educational curriculum for fitness professionals. They also appeal to avid exercisers.

All titles are now available on DVD.
While quantities last they are also available
on VHS in PAL and NTSC formats


Matwork series

Workout Time - 57 min
Difficulty 1

A thorough introduction to the principles and exercises that are fundamental to the STOTT PILATES repertoire. Improve posture and increase muscular strength and endurance. Ideal for personal training, group exercise and home use.

Workout Time - 44 min
Difficulty 3

In this more challenging mat workout, Moira coaches you through a series of deep conditioning exercises designed to help you tone, strengthen and streamline. Perfect for personal training, group exercise and home use.

Also includes: full length Teaching Tips program

Workout Time - 51 min
Difficulty 4

Building in intensity on exercises presented in the essential and intermediate levels, this is a high-powered revitalizing workout designed to ensure that you achieve your optimal level of fitness and well-being. Excellent for personal training, group exercise and home use.

Reformer series


At Home Reformer Workout
Workout Time - 44 min
Difficulty 1

Designed to get maximum results in minimum time, these efficient moves will work all muscle groups to help you achieve a longer, leaner-looking “pilates body” without leaving your home!

Bonus Feature:
Reformer Safety

Group Reformer Workout
Workout Time - 50 min
Difficulty 2

Stimulate your clients with the body-changing effects of the reformer. This program consists of a warm-up, then a series of exercises guaranteed to improve strength, endurance and flexibility.

Bonus Feature:
Reformer Safety

Essential Reformer, 2nd Ed - 2 DVD Set
Workout Time - 47 min
Difficulty 1

STOTT PILATES’ Five Basic Principles form the foundation of this dynamic, non-weight-bearing routine that will leave you looking and feeling toned, revitalized and refreshed.

Also includes: Rack & Roll Reformer program

Intermediate Reformer - 2 DVD Set
Workout Time - 80 min
Difficulty 3

Progress from Essential level exercises to moves on the STOTT PILATES reformer that further challenge the neuromuscular system.

Also includes: full length Teaching Tips program

Advanced Reformer
1 & 2 -
2 DVD Set
Workout Time - 100 min
Difficulty 5

For those who have mastered the Essential level and Intermediate reformer workouts. This program will challenge highly trained athletes and should be done with the aid of a well trained instructor.

Stability Chair series

BOSU** series



Stability Chair
Workout Time 34 min
Difficulty 4

Challenge yourself with this intense workout on the Split-Pedal Stability Chair. Refine balance and coordination and fine-tune your core stability with unilateral and reciprocal work. Perfect for circuit training and performance enhancement.

Essential BOSU
Pilates for Sports Training
Workout Time - 43 min
Difficulty 3

The BOSU Balance Trainer facilitates a
wide spectrum of dynamic exercises.
This BOSU workout is ideal for athletic training and core conditioning.

Intermediate BOSU
Pilates for Athletic Enhancement
Workout Time - 46 min
Difficulty 4

These multi-dimensional BOSU exercises progress from simple to challenging and dynamic, requiring subtle adjustments and highly reactive responses. Ideal for home, group and performance training.



Foam Roller

Toning Ball



Pilates on a Roll
Workout Time - 43 min
Difficulty: 3

Add a new dimension to your workout and challenge your core stability with the foam roller. Through a combination of seated and lying exercises, this routine rolls strength, flexibility, balance and coordination into one dynamic workout

Toning Ball Workout Workout Time 42 min
Difficulty 3

Maximize muscular strength and definition with a total body resistance workout. Using the STOTT PILATES Toning Ball, Moira will take you through dozens of exercises challenging the arms, legs and core.




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