The reformer is often the first major purchase for anyone serious about pilates. The unique spring resistance of this machine helps generate smooth muscular contractions that develop strength without bulk.

STOTT PILATES reformers are favored among pilates professionals for their superior adaptability – all of our units feature easy adjustments to accommodate different heights and abilities. Five distinct models are available to ensure there's a unit that will meet your particular needs. To select the reformer that's best for you, consider who will be using the unit, space availability and the long-term goals of your pilates program. Our customer service consultants will be pleased to help you should you have any questions.

All STOTT PILATES reformers can be ordered with an additional six inches of length to the supporting rails and carriage to accommodate people taller than 6'4".

STOTT PILATES Professional Reformer

Professional Reformer
This model’s 16 inch carriage height affords easy mounting and dismounting, providing an exceptionally comfortable training experience.


Group SPX Reformer
A 9 inch carriage height allows smooth performance of a full range of reformer exercises while preventing any contact with the floor. Weighing in at a mere 100 pounds, this is our lightweight, stackable reformer designed specifically for group exercise programming.

STOTT PILATES Rack & Roll Reformer

Rack & Roll® Reformer
The Rack & Roll Reformer boasts a higher carriage than other models for ease of movement and is the only stackable reformer that is fully interchangeable with Pro and Rehab Reformer accessories, making it an easy-to-integrate addition to a space already equipped with those pieces.

STOTT PILATES Rehab Reformer

Rehab Reformer
This unit’s 22-1/2 inch carriage height is the easiest to mount and dismount of all our reformers - an important consideration for mobility-challenged clients. The height also affords ample interlocking depth for the anchor posts of the vertical frame making hands-on treatment easier for rehab practitioners.

At Home SPX Reformer
With its easy-roll wheels and light weight at only 100 pounds, this 9" commercial quality reformer for the home can be rolled out of the way and stored when not in use, making it ideal for busy people who want a pilates workout in their own space, on their own schedule. Its upholstery can be customized to match the décor of any room in the home.

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