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New Videos Target Specific Exercise Needs
STOTT PILATES* Offers Innovative Programming for At-Home Exercisers as Well as Fitness Professionals

NEW YORK, October 23, 2002 –

STOTT PILATES has created 29 new professional quality instructional tapes appropriate for at-home exercisers as well as fitness instructors seeking new ideas for clients. The videos were produced in series, ranging from beginner to advanced levels of proficiency. Currently, the entire library can be purchased exclusively from STOTT. The company will begin launching five titles at a time to retail markets starting January 1, 2003.

"Our new line of videos is an evolution in the STOTT PILATES repertoire, incorporating the latest advances in exercise science, yoga traditions and other exercise forms to create innovative new programming," says STOTT PILATES Program Director and Executive Vice President, Moira Merrithew.

Back pain sufferers will benefit from the three titles in the Back Care Pilates Series ($14.95 each) -- Be Kind to Your Spine (Level 1); Pain-Free Posture (Level 2); Standing Tall (Level 3).

The Pilates-infused* Yoga Series ($14.95 each) offers active, physical workouts combining Vinayasa yogic traditions with contemporary pilates principles. Made up of Simple Stretches (Level 1); Pure Vitality (Level 2) and Body & Soul (Level 3).

The Armchair Pilates Series ($14.95 each) is composed of seated pilates exercises for less mobile individuals. Seated pilates is perfect for the older or more sedentary exerciser. Two tapes are available, Armchair Pilates and Armchair Pilates Plus (includes Flex-band*).

Fitness Fun ($14.95). To make sure that youngsters learn the importance of regular exercise, pilates master Moira Merrithew has created Fitness Fun: Pilates for Kids. The tape takes four young friends through a series exercises. Best suited for ages eight and up.

The on-the-go exerciser will benefit from STOTT PILATES' Pilates Express Series ($14.95 each). The three titles in the series can take participants through a busy day with a total investment of only one hour -- Sunrise Workout; Revive Workout; Relaxation Workout.

STOTT PILATES' four video Stability Ball Series ($19.95 each) offers challenges to both the professional and consumer audience. Requiring the use of a STOTT PILATES Stability Ball, each tape builds upon the preceding one -- Core Balance (Level 1); Dynamic Balance (Level 2); 3-D Balance (Level 3); Superior Balance (Level 4). The Stability Ball is sold separately in two sizes for $23.95 or $26.95.

The Pilates Matwork Series ($14.95 each) becomes progressively more intense. The Secret To Flat Abs, provides the groundwork for tape two, Firm & Fit. Level 3 Core Challenge is for an intermediate exerciser, while Strong & Streamlined is for an advanced pilates student.

The Fitness Circle* Pilates Series ($14.95 each) is made up three tapes. The beginner level Fitness Circle Workout and the advanced beginner Power Fitness Circle, have been repackaged. The Fitness Circle Challenge is original and geared to intermediates. All require the use of a Fitness Circle Exerciser which sells for $60.

The Flex-Band* Pilates Series ($14.95 each) was created for professional use, but is appropriate for active consumers. It requires the use of a Flex-Band Exerciser. The titles include Sculpt & Tone -- formerly titled Flex-Band Workout (Level 1); Total Body Sculpting (Level 2); Ultimate Body Sculpting (Level three). Please note: the Flex-Band Exerciser is sold separately in two strengths -- regular strength for $5 or extra strength $6.

The Small Equipment Series ($24.95 each) is of special interest to fitness professionals, but will challenge strong at-home enthusiasts. Pilates on a Roll makes use of the versatile Foam Roller to add an additional dimension to the mat workout. The Foam Roller costs $16.95.

As the official provider of pilates training on the BOSU Balance Trainer, STOTT PILATES has released two BOSU-based videos, Essential BOSU* Pilates for Sports Training and Intermediate BOSU* Pilates for Athletic Enhancement. Purchase price of the BOSU Balance Trainer, including the pump, is $110.

In addition to the new videos for both trade and consumer, STOTT PILATES has brought out three tapes ($29.95 each) for professionals. The Reformer Additions Series consists of the Essential Reformer 2nd Edition; Rack & Roll* Reformer (STOTT PILATES' latest equipment innovation), and Reformer Modifications to help professionals customize workouts to client needs.

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