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STOTT PILATES* Professional Quality Videos In Canada
Five New Tapes Offer Innovative Programming for At-Home* Exercisers

TORONTO, October 23, 2002 –

Canadian-based STOTT PILATES, recognized by industry experts as the world’s foremost pilates brand among fitness professionals, has signed an agreement with SMA Distribution to release five new videos on January 14, 2003 (pre-book date December 20, 2002).

For the first time, STOTT PILATES' professional quality pilates exercise tapes, which promise longer, leaner muscles and greatly improved abdominal and back strength, will be available in Canada at retail. The January release date is just in time for home exercisers to begin carrying out their all-important New Year's fitness resolutions.

Executive producer and STOTT PILATES President and CEO, Lindsay G. Merrithew, and partner and master pilates instructor Moira Merrithew, creator of the STOTT PILATES method of exercise and featured performer in the videos, developed the new line of STOTT PILATES At Home* videos to meet the growing demand for the pilates method of mind-body exercise among consumers.

The preeminent authority on pilates exercise, Ms. Merrithew is a former principal ballet dancer with City Ballet of Toronto who certified in pilates in New York before spending more than a decade refining the pilates method of mind-body exercise to make it safe and effective for everyone from aging baby boomers to elite athletes.

According to Ms. Merrithew, "Our new line of videos is an evolution in the STOTT PILATES repertoire, incorporating the latest advances in exercise science, yoga traditions and other exercise forms to create innovative new programming."

Pilates is recognized by American Sports Data as the fastest growing exercise trend in America. STOTT PILATES has sold more than 400,000 professional tapes to date. Its 59-tape library is the most comprehensive collection of pilates videos in the world. The company plans to release additional titles at retail in the coming months.


The five videos, all priced at $14.95, are appropriate for beginners to intermediate exercise enthusiasts.

Basic Pilates is an introductory workout that provides key strength and stretch exercises to help practitioners handle stress with ease.

The Secret To Flat Abs, a beginner's mat workout, revitalizes users while helping them strengthen the mind-body connection.

Firm & Fit is an intermediate level mat-based workout which employs stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises to further challenge mind and body.

Simple Stretches offers active, physical workouts combining Vinayasa yogic traditions with contemporary pilates principles.

Relaxation Workout offers the on-the-go exerciser a 22-minute gentle wind-down using stretching, toning and breathing exercises.

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STOTT PILATES, a subsidiary of the Merrithew Corporation, is the only full-service organization of its kind providing high-caliber pilates education, videos and equipment worldwide. Founded in Toronto in 1988 by Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, the company’s mission is to promote the benefits of mind-body fitness worldwide. Visit