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STOTT PILATES® Introduces Five New Titles to Refresh your Home Workout

TORONTO, April 18, 2006 –

It’s spring-cleaning time again. For some, that means ridding the closet of old clothes, washing windows or reorganizing cupboards. But for many, it’s a season that calls for injecting new energy into a tried-and-true fitness routine or starting a new one altogether. With this in mind, STOTT PILATES is unveiling five of its latest workouts, featuring invigorating routines designed to help participants lose weight, strengthen and tone their bodies, and achieve a greater sense of well-being.

“In order to stay motivated, it’s important to add variety and challenge to your workouts,” says STOTT PILATES President and CEO, Lindsay G. Merrithew. “Our newest titles offer some really exciting programming like our revolutionary Walking Pilates workout - a combination of aerobic exercise with pilates – and a new Toning Ball workout inspired by this year’s Kellogg’s Special K STOTT PILATES promotion.”

The new DVDs, featuring Master Instructor Trainer and STOTT PILATES co-founder Moira Merrithew, are also packed with bonus material including a chance to preview other programs, try the next level, and work out with music only.


Walk On to Total Fitness
Featuring the revolutionary new Walking Pilates Calorie Burning Workout, this program is a combination of cardiovascular activity and pilates exercise. Moira provides helpful tips on posture and body alignment throughout the program, while motivational instructor trainer, PJ O’Clair shows you how to walk your way to a better body.
SRP US $14.95 | CDN $19.95

Walk On to Total Weight Loss
PJ O’Clair joins Moira again to lead this 50-minute walking workout designed for every shape and guaranteed to get the heart pumping. A great complement to a well balanced diet and regular exercise, this workout can help maintain a healthy weight.
SRP US $14.95 | CDN $19.95

The Secret to Weight Loss, Vol. 2
The second DVD in a two-part series, this combination cardio-pilates exercise program reinforces the mind-body connection through a series of low-impact exercises designed to shape the body from the inside-out, while boosting energy and self esteem.
SRP US $14.95 | CDN $19.95

Power Paced Fitness Circle
This dynamic and quick-paced workout developed to improve flexibility, strength and confidence, takes you through an intense upper and lower body conditioning routine using the Fitness Circle resistance ring, with special focus on the all-important core work.
SRP US $14.95 | CDN $19.95

Total Body Toning
On the heels of the Kellogg Canada’s Special K STOTT PILATES Toning Ball promotion, this total-body exercise program consists of two 20-minute workouts on one DVD. Moira illustrates how this popular fitness accessory can help tone the entire body, while targeting arms, abs and thighs.
SRP US $14.95 | CDN $19.95

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All products are available at select retailers in Canada and the United States or can be ordered through STOTT PILATES by calling toll-free in North America 1-800-910-0001 or shopping online at

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