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STOTT PILATES Introduces the Newest Addition
to its Comprehensive Line of Educational Material

TORONTO, June 1, 2009

STOTT PILATES is pleased to introduce the new Injuries & Special Populations Support Material. This supplementary guide is ideal for any Pilates instructor, personal trainer or group fitness instructor who works with clients in a recreational, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation, personal or group training environment. 

“We created this book to help our students gain the knowledge, skill and confidence to develop effective programs for a range of clients,” said Lindsay G. Merrithew, President and CEO of STOTT PILATES. “There is a wealth of valuable information in this course that we felt was necessary for the students to take with them. This manual allows the students to bring this material home.”

The full‑colour diagrams and point‑form information make the support material easy‑to‑use and reference. The book details structural anatomy, muscle classifications, integrated models of motor control and optimal function and dysfunction for specific areas of the body including the lumbo‑pelvic region, hip, knee, ankle & foot, cervical spine, shoulder and upper quadrant, elbow, forearm & wrist. A wide range of musculo‑skeletal injuries and conditions is included combining a thorough breakdown of each with exercise guidelines and specific examples using STOTT PILATES equipment and props. Some of the special population segments covered in the manual include women who are pregnant and people who have breast cancer, osteoporosis or diabetes.

“The area of post‑rehabilitation continues to be an area of interest and success for Pilates instructors and fitness trainers alike,” continued Merrithew. “The rehabilitation field is quickly becoming aware of the astounding results Pilates training can bring to their clients, dramatically improving success rates, decreasing recovery time and significantly reducing the likelihood of re‑injury. Programming for special populations including the Active Aging market, Pre- and Post‑Natal exercisers and those with other physically limiting conditions is ever more in demand.”

STOTT PILATES training and certification courses are recognized as being the industry standard bearer, upholding the highest level of educational integrity. The Injuries & Special Populations curriculum was designed to give trained instructors more insight into the musculo‑skeletal system and some of the dysfunctions and injuries that may affect optimal function. For students who have previously taken the ISP course, this manual is an excellent complement to the ISP Resource Guide currently used, however, trainers at any level will recognize the benefits of this guide.

STOTT PILATES®, a subsidiary of the Merrithew Corporation, is a full-service organization that provides high-caliber Pilates education, videos and equipment worldwide. Founded in Toronto in 1988 by Lindsay G. Merrithew and Moira Merrithew, the company’s mission is to promote the benefits of mind‑body fitness across the globe.