Exercise of the Month: Hip Rolls

Targets rectus abdominus, obliques & hip extensors


  • Supine (lying on your back) on a Mat with pelvis and spine in neutral position neither arched nor flattened. Knees flexed, feet hip-distance. Arms long by your sides, palms down. Scapulae stabilized.


  • INHALE to prepare
  • EXHALE Starting from the tailbone, slowly and sequentially peel your spine off the Mat until hips are lifted and weight is resting on mid-upper thoracic spine (between the shoulder blades). Extend hip joints without allowing lumbar to extend beyond neutral.        
  • INHALE Hold position and tighten abdominal muscles
  • EXHALE Starting from the thoracic (top of your spine), slowly return to the Mat one vertebrae at a time, lowering to starting position, returning to neutral

    Complete 5-8 repetitions

Remember to start your workout with a warmup routine.
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