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Bits ’n Bites

Announcing Two New LTCs

It's official – VIM Pilates in Hong Kong and YMCAfit in the UK have joined our family of Licensed Training Centers. Congratulations to the owners and welcome to the team!

Starting Healthy
Habits Young

We are proud sponsors of Holy Cross Hospital's Growing Healthy Kids Program. Check out the finalists and their creative submissions in the first ever video challenge!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Treat the new mom or mom-to-be in your life to the gift of health and wellness. May 7-9 only, save 30% off all STOTT PILATES for Pregnancy products. Find out more.


Exercise of the Month

Obliques Prep with Toning Ball™

Targets obliques & inner thighs
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Let's Socialize!

Debuting SPTV! Video is a great way to demonstrate and share the benefits of Pilates. Visit our new SPTV page frequently for inspiring testimonials, educational videos and product demos!

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25% off all Toning Ball Products

Any Of Your Clients Expecting?

Save 10% off all Pre- & Post-Natal Workshops

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Events & Tradeshows

IDEA World
Aug 10-14| Los Angeles, CA

Aug 17-21 | Toronto, ON

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Lindsay & MoiraDear Friends,

May is in bloom and vacation planning is in full swing. As you prepare and get excited for your travels near or far, remember to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Wherever you are all you need is a Mat, a few small props and you’re ready for a Pilates workout!

May is also a time of celebration – Happy Mother’s Day from the entire Merrithew Health & Fitness™ team. On this and every other day, be sure to show the moms in your life how truly appreciated they are. Help them relax and recharge with the gift of Pilates!

Yours in good health,

Lindsay & Moira Merrithew
Co-founders, The Merrithew Health & Fitness Group

In the News


Keeping It Fresh With Matwork
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Running With Pilates
Whether you are running a half marathon, marathon or triathlon, STOTT PILATES® is an ideal way to condition the body to perform at its best and avoid common running injuries. Read these success stories.

Ace Your Game with Pilates
Despite its appearance, Golf is challenging on the body and can lead to injury. Keeping physically fit throughout the off-season will help improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. See how Pilates can help.

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Ask the Experts!

Got a question? Get answers!

Q. I’ve heard that Pilates is one of the best exercises to do during and after pregnancy. Why is that and are there any precautions to keep in mind?

Paulina Zelazny, Communications SpecialistSally Belanger, Project Specialist, Education & Master Instructor Trainer responds: Exercise, and in particular Pilates, can be a great way to deal with the physiological and psychological changes that occur during pregnancy.

During pregnancy the body releases a hormone called relaxin which increases joint laxity particularly in the pelvic girdle. Although advantageous during birth, it can also cause stability issues particularly in the spine and pelvis during pregnancy. STOTT PILATES® helps to strengthen the muscles that hold the joints in place to increase joint stability and to prevent musculoskeletal injuries that may occur during pregnancy. Awareness of the pelvic floor helps to stabilize the lower back and pelvis and Pilates focuses on pelvic floor utilization and connection. A stronger pelvic floor may also reduce the risk of incontinence symptoms post birth.

As the baby grows and the mother gains weight the lumbar spine becomes more lordotic and the center of gravity changes. This affects both posture and balance in the pregnant client. Pilates exercises will focus on ankle stability and the lateral hip muscles which are important muscles used in stance and gait. It will also focus on strengthening the upper back while not overworking the back extensors in the upright posture. Working the upper back muscles is important as they may become elongated during pregnancy and need to be strengthened as they are used constantly by the new mom when holding and carrying the baby.

Pilates may also improve psychological well-being for the mother—an increased level of fitness may help the mother cope with the demands of labor. It is important to receive approval from your physician prior to beginning a Pilates regimen. It is also important to work with an instructor who has taken training specific to the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and the modifications that are necessary throughout.

Need Pilates Advice? Challenge our panel of experts with any question you may have, and we’ll settle the debate, give you our perspective and/or provide support. Send us an email and your question may be featured in next month’s newsletter!




Equipment Spotlight

Stability Chair™

How can you improve balance and posture, increase total body strength and flexibility, enhance stamina and mood in just five and a half square feet?

On a STOTT PILATES® Split-Pedal Stability Chair!

Sturdy with a stabilizing steel base, spring frame and body-weight supporting handles, the beautiful, wood-paneled, four spring, split-pedal Stability Chair will provide a lifetime of comprehensive fitness.

Ideal for exercisers who need to stay in a seated or upright position, the Stability Chair can also be used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to facilitate everything from low-load rebalancing movements to high-performance strength exercises. Workouts will encompass movements from virtually any posture: prone, supine, side-lying sitting, kneeling or standing and will target the whole body, one muscle group at a time.

So if you have a little extra space in your home or professional studio, nothing will utilize it better than a Stability Chair.

Our Commercial Sales team can answer any questions you may have and assist you with studio layout, equipment selection and financing, plus staff training. Contact us by email at or call 1‑800‑910‑0001 x264 (North America) or 1‑416‑482-4050 x264 (International).

What’s New at our Corporate Training Centers?

Toronto, ON
Intensive Cadillac | starts May 9
Intensive Barrels | starts May 19

New York, NY
Advanced Matwork | start May 6
Intensive Reformer | starts May 13

Denver, CO
Intensive Barrels | starts May 21
Intensive Reformer | starts June

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Toronto Head Office Careers
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