The TWelve Days of Fitness

Celebrate the Holiday Season with 12 Days of Fitness gift-giving! Treat yourself or someone on your list, to a new Pilates accessory. Check this page every day from December 1-12, 2010 to see what items you can save on next.

A new product will go on sale each day for 24 hours only (12am-12am EST). So don’t delay, place your orders right away!
Shop online or call 1-800-910-0001 ext. 250

25% Off These Amazing Items

December 1 December 2 December 3

On the first day of fitness…

Arc Barrel Deluxe and Arc Barrel

Quote promo code: ARCB10

On the second day of fitness…

The Pilates Edge

Quote promo code: PEDG10

On the third day of fitness…

Stability Cushion™

Quote promo code: STCU10

December 4 December 5 December 6

On the fourth day of fitness…

Regular and Extra-Strength Flex‑Bands®

Quote promo code: FLBA10

On the fifth day of fitness…

Blue and Pink 2 lb Toning Balls™

Quote promo code: TOBA10

On the sixth day of fitness…

All DVD 3-Packs

Quote promo code: DVD310

December 7 December 8 December 9

On the seventh day of fitness…

12” and 14” Fitness Circle Pro

Quote promo code: FITC10

On the eighth day of fitness…

25% off Eco-Friendly Mats

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On the ninth day of fitness…

All DVD 2-Packs

Quote promo code: STCU10

December 10 December 11 December 12

On the tenth day of fitness…

The Mini Stability Ball™

Quote promo code: MINI10

On the eleventh day of fitness…

The Foam Roller Deluxe™

Quote promo code: FORO10

On the twelfth day of fitness…

Aluminum Water Bottles

Quote promo code: WBOT10