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press kit
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february 2003 newsletter
keep up on our latest news, promotions, events and tips
.Special Offer

Enhance your Matwork* routine with the added resistance of a Flex-Band*exerciser.

This February, get a set of two Flex-Bands for FREE when you purchase our two newest Flex-Band videos -- Total Body Sculpting & Ultimate Body Sculpting videos.

Total Body Sculpting (Level 2) and Ultimate Body Sculpting (Level 3) add vigor and variety to your workouts with a challenging blend of Matwork and Flex-Band exercises.

Purchase both of our new Flex-Band videos, Total Body Sculpting & Ultimate Body Sculpting and receive a set of regular and extra-strength Flex-Bands FREE. US $29.90 | CDN $39.90

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The added resistance of the Flex-Band tones and sculpts your arms, legs, back and torso. Made of durable latex, Flex-Bands measure five feet in length. (Green = regular strength; Blue = extra-strength).
Limit one per order. May not be combined with any other offer. Expires midnight, E.S.T., February 28, 2003. Shipping, handling and applicable taxes are additional.
.In the News
The January issue of Investment Executive includes Moira Merrithew in an article called A Gentle Approach to Physical Exercise.

The January issue of
Dance Retailer News featured a STOTT photo on its cover, and in an article offers quotes from the company.

About.com included STOTT’s Advanced Matwork video in their online pilates guide picks

Due out at the end of January
St. Paul Pioneer Press plans to include The Secret to Flat Abs Matwork video in their video roundup.

CBC Street Cents, a program directed to teens, will be featuring STOTT PILATES in an upcoming show.

The STOTT Fitness Circle* is featured on the cover of the January issue of
Baltimore magazine.

Ottawa's CHRO-TV invited STOTT Instructor Trainer Sally Belanger on Breakfast with the New RO on Friday, January 17, in order to promote her appearance at Chapters-Rideau in Ottawa the following day.

Sally's presentation in Ottawa was the first of four demonstrations at
Indigo Chapters Stores. Moira appeared at Indigo-Manulife on January 25th and at Indigo at Yonge & Eglinton (both Toronto) on February 1st. Tessa Crofton, also a STOTT Instructor Trainer, will present at Chapters-Vancouver (B.C.) on February 8th, 2003

Resorts & Recreation magazine is planning to include Moira in an upcoming article.

Canada AM has plans to air an interview with Monique Lavoie, STOTT Instructor Trainer and owner of Pilates on Adelaide in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the near future.
INTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses at the International Certification Center in Toronto, Canada

Upcoming Certification Courses...
IMP Intensive Mat-Plus*
Feb 10 to 21, 1pm to 5pm
Apr 7 to 14,
week 1, 9am-1pm, week 2, 9am- 2pm
May 26 to June 6, 1pm - 5pm

IR Intensive Reformer
Feb 24 to Mar 14, 9am to 1pm
April 28 to May 16, 9am to 1pm
June 9 to 27, 9am to 1pm

IMP/IR Intensive Mat-Plus* & Reformer weekends
May 2-4 | May 16-18 | May 23-25 | June 6-8 | June 14-15
weekend 1, Fri. 3pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-3pm
weekend 2, 3, & 4, Fri. 3pm-9pm, Sat. 9am-5pm, Sun. 9am-4pm
weekend 5,
Sat & Sun 9am-4pm

ICCB Intensive Cadillac Chair & Barrels
Mar 17 to Apr 4, 1pm-5pm
July 14 to Aug 1,

CMR Comprehensive Mat & Reformer
May 12 to Aug 21, Mon, Wed, Thurs, 2pm-6pm
Sept 22, 2003 to Jan 15, 2004
Mon, Wed, Thurs 9am-12pm

CCCB Comprehensive Cadillac Chair & Barrels
May 12 to July 10, Mon, Wed & Thurs, 9am-12pm

ISP Injury and Special Populations
March 17 to 20, 9:30am to 4:30pm
Aug 5 to 8,
Tues & Fri, 9:30am to 4:30pm

AM / AR / ACCB Advanced Repertoire
March 24 to 29, 9:30am to 4:30pm
Aug 11 to 16,
9:30am to 4:30pm

Rehab 1 Lumbar & Shoulder Girdle Stabilization
on Matwork & Rehab Reformer

April 2 to 5

Rehab 2 Peripheral Joint Rehabilitation
on Matwork & Rehab Reformer

May 7 to 10

Rehab 3 Lumbar & Shoulder Girdle Stabilization
on Cadillac, Chair, & Barrels

September 10 to 13

Get more information on the certification program and course dates available in Toronto and elsewhere.

EXTERNAL EDUCATION: upcoming courses and workshops held at locations around the world

San Jose, California
-- Injuries and Special Populations
Feb 8, 9
| Feb 15, 16
For location, registration and more info click here

Munich, Germany
-- Intensive Mat-Plus
Feb 7, 8, 9
| Feb 28, | March 1, 2 | Mar 14, 15, 16
For location, registration and more info click here

Chesapeake, Virginia
-- Intensive Mat-Plus COURSE FULL
Feb 21, 22, 23
| Mar 14, 15, 16 | Apr 4, 5, 6
For location, registration and more info click here

Falmouth, Maine
Intensive Mat-Plus
Feb 28, Mar 1, 2 | Mar 14, 15, 16 | Mar 28, 29, 30
For location, registration and more info click here

Buffalo, New York
-- Intensive Reformer
Mar 7, 8, 9 | Apr 7, 8 | Apr 25, 26, 27 | May 17, 18
For location, registration and more info click here

Youngstown, Ohio
-- Intensive Reformer
Apr 11, 12, 13 | May 2, 3, 4 | June 6, 7, 8 | July 11, 12, 13
For location, registration and more info click here

Hertsfordshire, England
Intensive Mat-Plus
May 19 to 30
-- Intensive Reformer
June 2 to
-- Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels
June 2 to
-- Advanced Matwork
May 31
-- Advanced Reformer
June 23
to 25
-- Advanced Cadillac, Chair & Barrels
June 26
to 27
-- Injury & Special Populations
30 to July 3
For location, registration and more info click here

Johannesburg, South Africa
Intensive Mat-Plus
June 2 to 6
| June 9 to 13
-- Intensive Reformer
June 2 to 6
| June 9 to 13 | June 16 to 17
-- Injury & Special Populations
7 to 21
-- Advanced Matwork
-- Intensive Reformer
June 23
to 25
For location, registration and more info click here

To register for these courses and workshops, please contact Jane Underhill at ext. 232 , or email education@stottpilates.com

STOTT PILATES Training and Certification courses and workshops are also available at STOTT licensed certification centers throughout North America. Click for details and the center nearest you

.Upcoming CEC Workshops in Toronto

Pre-Natal Workshop February 7; 2pm to 5pm
Mat-Based Stability Ball February 8; 10am to 1pm
Essential BOSU Pilates March 21; 2pm to 5pm
Reformer-Based Flex-Band March 22; 10am to 1pm
Mat-Based Flex-Band April 11; 3pm to 5pm
Reformer-Based Flex-Band April 12; 10am to 12pm
Fitness Circle* April 12; 1pm to 3pm

See the complete list of Workshops being offered both in Toronto and elsewhere.
To register for these courses and workshops, please contact Kimberley Seeley at ext. 246, or email education@stottpilates.com

Join us at the following tradeshows. Fill out a ballot for your chance to win a prize. While there, enjoy a complimentary workout. Plus, take advantage of our show specials for extra savings. Place your equipment pre-orders with sales@stottpilates.com
IDEA Personal Training Summit
Feb 14 to16, 2003
Marriott Wardman Park, Washington, DC
Registration & Information:
call 1-800-999-4332 or

Dynamic Sports Conditioning with the BOSU Trainer
Fri. Feb 14, 2003

Click for more STOTT PILATES sessions at this show.
IHRSA 2003
Feb 27 to Mar 1, 2003
Moscone Center,
San Francisco, CA
Registration & Information:
or call 1-800-228-4772

Moscone Center, rm 310

Wed Feb 26, 2003
Exercise Your Options to Increase Profits

Intensify the Essential Reformer Workout

Click here for pre-con registration

Click here for our show specials and more details about this show
Mar 13 to 16, 2003
Marriott Marquis,
New York, NY
Registration & Information:
or 1-800-ECA-EXPO or

Dynamic Balance:
Reformer-based Stability Ball
Thur. Mar 13, 2003

Intensify Essential Reformer

Click for more STOTT PILATES sessions at this show.
Can-Fit-Pro Vancouver
April 11-13, 2003
Vancouver, BC
Registration & Information:
or 1800-667-5622

Fri Apr 11, 2003
Essential Reformer

Sat Apr 12, 2003

Essential Matwork
Fitness Circle

Sun Apr 13, 2003
Ultimate Back Care

Fit Pro UK
April 11-13, 2003
Loughborough University
Registration & Information:
or 44-0-8705-133-434

Fri Apr 11, 2003
Essential Reformer-based Stability Ball

Sat Apr 12, 2003
Mat-based Flex-Band

Sun Apr 13, 2003
Pilates on a Roll

.Exercise of the Month

1. starting position

2. reach one leg off mat

3. lower leg
Single Leg Extension

Lying face down, pelvis and spine neutral, hands under forehead. Legs extended along mat, hip-distance apart and slightly turned out, toes gently pointed.

To prepare INHALE, then..

EXHALE maintain pelvis stable and reach one leg off mat.

INHALE lower leg to mat.

EXHALE maintain pelvis stable and reach other leg off mat.

INHALE lower leg to mat.

Complete 6-8 repetitions with both legs.

To finish: EXHALE then upper body, arms and legs down onto mat.

Keep pelvis as still as possible as hip extends,
-- avoid rotation or anterior tilt.
-- Keep knees extended and focus on movement happening at hip.

Excerpted from the STOTT PILATES Comprehensive Matwork manual. STOTT PILATES manuals include additional instructional information, and modifications, not published here.

...All rights reserved. This material, including photographs, may not be copied or used in any form without express permission from Merrithew Corporation.
...TM/R Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license.
...BOSU Trademark and registered trademark of D.W. Fitness, LLC, used under license.