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January 2002

Learn the complete STOTT PILATES Matwork repertoire with Moira Merrithew’s new Comprehensive Matwork manual.

In keeping with her contemporary approach, Moira’s detailed, photo-illustrated manual guides you through Essential to advanced level STOTT PILATES exercises with step-by-step precision. A complement to STOTT’s 2nd Edition Matwork Video Series.

This 134-page reference manual follows a new exercise order that balances flexion with extension and incorporates modifications for optimal effectiveness. The manual’s laminated cover and coil ring binding ensure durability and ease-of-use. Ideal for fitness professionals and avid home exercisers.

To place an order visit our store, or us call toll-free at 1-800-910-0001(North America), 0800-328-5676 (United Kingdom) or call 416-482-4050 ext. 250.
To redeem offer please quote code MMDM

Comprehensive Matwork Manual with 22-Minute Matwork video
$47 US
(save $14.95) | $67 CDN (save $19.95)

Matwork Video Series
with Home Folding Mat = $47.33 US (save $12.48) | $67.33 CDN (save $17.50)
with Institutional Mat = $64.81 US (save $30) | $89.83 CDN (save $40)

Look for the 2nd Edition Reformer Manual Series coming soon.

STOTT EDUCATION: Course Updates and Additions

Internal Education:
Upcoming courses at the STOTT PILATES International Certification Center in Toronto, Canada

-- Intensive Matwork, February 11 – 22, 2002
-- Intensive Reformer, February 25 – March 15, 2002

2002 Workshops in Toronto, Canada – We will be posting details on our
website shortly, please check back regularly for updates.

External Education:
Continuing Education Workshops in Los Angeles, California

Space is still available for Moira & Beth’s workshops in California. They will be at Sportivo in Los Angeles on January 22nd and 23rd. Click for details.

To register, for costs and additional information regarding this and other upcoming workshops, email education@stottpilates.com or call Jane Underhill at STOTT EDUCATION 416-482-4050 x 232

STOTT PILATES Training and Certification courses and workshops are also available at STOTT licensed certification centers throughout North America. Please click to find the center nearest you.

Exercise of the Month / Obliques


Supine with upper body flexed off mat. Imprinted position. Legs tabletop. Hands behind head, scapulae stabilized.

To prepare, inhale...

exhale extend one leg as low as imprint can be maintained, simultaneously rotate upper body toward flexed knee.

inhale maintain spinal flexion as spine returns to center and legs begin to switch.

exhale extend other leg and rotate upper body to opposite side.

inhale maintain spinal flexion as spine returns to center and legs begin to switch.

Complete 8–10 repetitions.


Stretch into the New Year!
To start the year, we are offering a special promotion for the month of January.

All orders placed between January 1 and January 31, 2002 and valued over $1,500 US receive:

FREE SHIPPING within Continental North America or $250 OFF outside Continental North America

For more information call toll-free 1-800-910-0001 (in North America), 0800-328-5676 (UK)
or call 416-482-4050 ext. 250
to purchase visit our store.

Offer expires midnight E.S.T. January 31, 2002.


STOTT will be at the following tradeshows:

New York Marriott Marquis
Feb. 27 - March 3
1-800-322-3976 or 516-432-6877

Fri. Mar. 1 4pm to 8pm
Sat. Mar. 2 11am to 7pm
Sun. Mar. 3 10am to 3pm

IDEA International Personal Training Summit
Baltimore Convention Center
Feb. 28 - Mar. 3
1-800-999-4332 or 858-535-8979

Fri. Mar. 1, 11:45am to 5pm
Sat. Mar. 2, 12noon to 4pm
Sun. Mar. 3, 9am to 11am

Mar. 7-9
Phoenix Civic Plaza
800-228-4772 or 617-951-0055

Thurs. Mar. 7, 1pm to 6pm
Fri. Mar. 8, 6:30am to 8:30am
and 11am to 6pm
Sat. Mar. 9, 6:30am to 8:30am
and 10am to 2pm

For more events, visit our Events page.

Exercise of the Month / Obliques

1. starting position

2. rotate to one side

3. rotate to opposite side

4. return

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