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Conference Details

Convención Internacional Planeta Barcelona 09

Hours Friday 8-20.30h
Saturday 8-20.30h
Sunday 8-18.30h
Plaça dels Països Catalans, s/n
Estació de Sants, 08014 Barcelona
Teléfono: 93 503 53 00
Contact For more information,
phone: 00 34 93 835 59 50 ext. 22.


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Friday, September 4

10.00–14.00h Pilates with Props, Levels 1 & 2 with Kim Kraushar
10.30–14.30h Postural Analysis and Application to Pilates Exercise with PJ O’Clair
16.00–20.00h Ultimate Back Care with Ángel García

Saturday, September 5

08.30–10.00h Advanced Reformer with Ángel García
08.30–10.00h Group Matwork Classes: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices with PJ O’Clair
10.30–12.00h V2 Max Plus™ Reformer* Programming for Osteoporosis Management with Kim Kraushar
14.30–16.00h Jumpboard Interval Training, Level 2 with PJ O’Clair
16.30–18.00h Intensifying Essential Reformer with Beatriz Wyser
18.15–20.15h Matwork for Breast Cancer Rehab with PJ O’Clair
18.30–20.00h Personal Training Reformer: Teaching Skills & Programming Choices with Xisca Llabrés

Sunday, September 6

08.30–10.00h Prenatal Matwork with Kim Kraushar
08.30–10.00h Reformer for the Older Adult with PJ O’Clair
10.30–12.00h The Knee: Stability & Function with Ángel García
14.30–16.00h Foam Roller Challenge, Level 2 with Mª Ángeles Iglesias
14.30–16.00h Intensifying Essential Matwork with Xisca Llabrés
16.30–18.00h Stability Ball™ Challenge, Level 5 with PJ O’Clair

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Convención Internacional Planeta Barcelona 09

Equipment Regular Price (€) Tradeshow Price (€)
V2 Max Plus™ Reformer* 5,790 5,037.30
Group SPX Max Plus Reformer 4,890 4,254.30
Rotational Diskboard - Professional 300 174
Rotational Diskboard - SPX™ 300 174
Jumpboard, Large 280 243.6
Jumpboard, Large - SPX 280 243.6
Reformer Box 200 174
Spine Supporter 200 174
Arc Barrel 175 152.25
Platform Extender - Professional 150 130.5
Platform Extender - SPX 150 130.5
Foam Cushion A 29.95 26.05
Foam Cushion B 34.95 30.4
Foam Cushion C 49.95 43.45
Fitness Circle® Lite 33.95 29.53
Pilates Express™ Mat 27.9 24.27
Flex-Band® - Regular Strength 4.95 4.3
Toning Ball - 2lb 11.95 10.39

Meet Our Presenters

PJ O'Clair

Kim Kraushar

Angel García Devesa

Beatriz Wyser

Xisca Llabrés

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