Leasing is a simple financial strategy that will help you build a successful Pilates business in today’s health and wellness community. This opportunity can give you a jumpstart to offering group Reformer training, group Stability Chair sessions and several V2 Max Plus™ Reformers to your facility’s footprint without restricting your resources. We can help customize an assembly of equipment to outfit your facility, and you can pay later and/or over time. A portion of your revenue will cover the monthly payments, leaving you with profitable savings.

Available throughout North America, the STOTT PILATES Leasing Program will provide you with the tools for business development while conserving capital and preserving credit lines. Start-up costs and large investments can be draining to one’s budget, but our Leasing Program provides you with a safety net that reduces concerns of cash flow. Well-qualified instructors and motivated members are drawn in by new and specialized equipment — without plunging into your savings, studios can keep overheads low while satisfying their staff and clients.

Why Lease?

"Clients have converted their low income spaces to a full Pilates studio and have increased their personal training revenue in one year's time by 50% and in three years up to 100%. A recent installation achieved an increase in revenues of $360,000 gross per year.”

Carol Tricoche, Global Sales Director, Full Solutions

To realize your profit potential in the Pilates industry call 1-800-910-0001 or 416-482-4050, ext 264 or email leasing@stottpilates.com.

*Please note: Leasing availability is dependent on a brief credit approval process. Our Leasing Consultants will review your application according to the following factors; facility/ studio years in business or if this is a new business or venture- personal years of experience in the Pilates industry. A nominal administration charge is required by the leasing company for credit approval process. Leasing options only available for orders over $5,000.