STOTT PILATES® Rehabilitation Program:

Specially designed for those who assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe exercise for rehab patients and/or the prevention of injuries.

  • Are you a licensed or certified professional in the rehab industry and want to find out how you can integrate Pilates into your practice?
  • Are you ready to learn how the foundations of this technique can benefit you and your clients?

The STOTT PILATES approach to this decades-old movement system can easily be applied to current therapeutic conditioning modalities with targeted modified Matwork and Reformer exercises. Learn more about this innovative program.

Why incorporate Pilates into your practice?

  1. Course content is formulated for rehab professionals with unique needs and specific requirements in mind, with hands-on training and in‑depth discussion.
  2. Attract new clients and retain them longer. Generate incremental revenue through ongoing post-rehab treatment work.
  3. Be engaged in every client’s progress from the acute stage through post-rehabilitation and beyond with proven observation procedures.
  4. Expand your understanding of this research-based method including the biomechanically appropriate movements and pointed cueing techniques.
  5. STOTT PILATES is recognized worldwide as a premier provider of Pilates education and equipment.

Upcoming Courses

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AkroStudio Alemania Avenida de Barber 79, 45004 Toledo, Spain
contact: Marta Yuste
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Save 250€ on STOTT PILATES Rehab equipment when you complete any STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation course!†

Pilates Rehab Studio 1 (Mat/Reformer)
7.500,00 € SRP
V2 Max Plus™ Rehab Reformer* Bundle
7.195,00 € SRP

Hundreds of core stability and peripheral mobility exercises can be performed with exceptional results. From neutral, supported positions, post-trauma exercises can be performed with initial resistance as low as 1.25 kg. Work all muscle groups and progress patients from a supported supine position, performing open and closed chain exercises, to prone, seated, kneeling, lunging and standing poses.

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Monturiol S/n, Pol Ind Salelles II, St. Salvador De Guardiola 08253, Barcelona
phone: (+34) 93-835-59-50 fax: (+34) 93-835-59-54
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† Promotional offer is valued at 250€. May not be combined with other offers. Students may redeem coupon up to one year after completion of a STOTT PILATES Rehabilitation Course (RMR1, RMR2, RCCB1, RCCB2). Discounts apply after coupon discount.

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