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The V2 Max Plus Reformer transcends traditional Reformer equipment by offering unparalleled functionality, range of movement and fresh, new programming opportunities. Exclusive to the V2 Max Plus family of Reformers is a proprietary retractable rope system under the Reformer carriage and an infinitely adjustable, tracked, Vertical Frame with movable rope pulleys and spring hooks.  This breakthrough movement’s synergy across the horizontal and vertical planes offers dramatically increased specificity of line of pull for rope-based carriage exercises and spring-based vertical frame exercises.

V2 Max Plus

See the innovative V2 Max Plus in action:  
Intro to the V2 Max Plus pulley system
Balance & Flexibility on the V2 Max Plus
Sport-tailored conditioning on the V2 Max Plus

This refined Pilates machine is perfect for facilities looking to implement multi-faceted, cutting-edge Pilates programming in a limited space. More over, the range of motion created by the rope-based carriage exercise (with rope pull off the vertical frame) allows for the very first time, a full range of pull for body postures up to and including standing throw motions. With these enhancements the V2 Max Plus Reformer becomes the premier tool for Pilates-based sport-specific, rehab and cross functional movements training. 

Within its footprint this singular resource can function as a raised mat platform (with the inclusion of a Mat Converter), a standard Reformer, a virtual Cadillac and a breakthrough all-planar, bio mechanics training tool. Thanks to its quick positional change capacity for ropes and vertical frame springs, the session flow through the 450-plus exercises offered by the unit, makes the V2 Max Plus a captivating experience for group or one-on-one classes alike. 

The V2 Max Plus also comes in a Rehab model, which is 6.5 inches higher off the ground for easier mounts and dismounts – and an Extended model for those people wanting a longer machine and who are taller than 6’4”. This revolutionary machine has expanded Pilates repertoire like never before – ultimately increasing who can do Pilates and what they can do.


  • Strong and sturdy construction, it stands its ground.
  • Maximum utility in minimum space.
  • Wide ranging adjustability accommodates a broad spectrum of clients and their physical skill sets.
  • FREE Instructional & Safety DVD with purchase.
  • Also allows for Matwork and Cadillac exercise with the addition of Mat Converter.
  • Ultra rigid rails and patented rolling mechanism provide a hypnotically smooth carriage ride.
  • Carriage features dense EVA foam padding for precise proprioceptive feedback.
  • High quality materials and construction ensure superior stability and safety.
  • Built to excel through continuous, high-intensity studio use.









Height from floor












145 lbs

Vertical Frame



30 1/2"



73 5/8"



42 lbs


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Retractable rope system

Retractable rope system provides infinite rope-length adjustability options.

Infinite pulley angles

Provides infinite pulley angles throughout the vertical frame’s range.

Self-locking cleat system

Self-locking cleat system enables fast and convenient, slack-free rope-length adjustments.

Opposing arm and legwork

Expanded exercise options include three-dimensional movement and opposing arm and legwork.


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