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STOTT PILATES introduces new DVD titles covering a broad spectrum of Pilates exercises. This industry leading collection includes updates to fundamental programming as well as sport-tailored and life-stage oriented DVD titles supporting athletic conditioning, rehabilitation and active aging. Also, among this exciting roster of new releases are comprehensive titles featuring programming with props.

This new influx of DVDs brings the number of titles up to 120, firmly establishing STOTT PILATES as the producer of the world’s largest library of Pilates Professional and At Home exercise DVDs. To find out more about ALL of our titles including 40 launched earlier this year, click here.

All DVDs include NEW Five Basic Principles for Professionals.

Professional Series

Prenatal Workout
on the Pilates Edge

Give yourself the gift of a more comfortable, fit pregnancy with this gentle workout. Exercise on an angle to protect your back while strengthening the core and toning the arms and legs.

Pilates with Props,
Maximum Resistance Vol 2

Add variety and challenge to your Matwork routine with the various light equipment. You'll see a difference in your level of whole-body toning and muscle definition, as well as in core strength.

Cardio & Core
on the Mini Tramp

Try combining core Matwork and intensive cardio to help you build strength, agility and endurance. Increase your balance, coordination and dexterity. You'll even lose weight and inches with this intense workout.




Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization on Equipment

Give your clients the flexibility to perform exercises sitting, standing or kneeling. Focus on any given joint or movement pattern to help them rehabilitate, prevent injury and regain control and mobility.

Spinal, Pelvic & Scapular Stabilization with Reformer
& Vertical Frame

Help develop your clients’ stability, mobility and coordination by enhancing muscular strength, particularly the deep abdominal muscles. The functional movement patterns are designed to rehabilitate and help prevent injury.

Peripheral Joint Stabilization
on Equipment

Rehabilitate your clients’ upper and lower extremity issues with this repertoire. You’ll be able to target specific areas of restriction or weakness, improve range of movement and develop strength, coordination and endurance.




Peripheral Joint Stabilization
with Reformer & Vertical Frame

Help clients overcome pain with this workout designed to rehabilitate acute injuries and chronic conditions. Enhance the range of movement while preventing common exercise errors, and monitor the axis of motion at each joint.

Athletic Conditioning
on the Stability Chair

As a high-performance athlete, you’ll enhance strength, stamina, mobility and coordination with this workout. Retrain and tone muscles after intense, repetitive athletic training. It also reduces the likelihood of sports injuries.

Group Stability Chair

This exercise repertoire features key functional exercises that allow you to pre-plan a balanced workout for group classes. Increase balance and control, explore movement on various planes, and enhance neuromuscular capabilities for your clients.




Pilates Edge™

Add new levels of support and assistance to many of the standard essential Matwork exercises. These unique workout options add intensity to exercises for a wide variety of clients.

Pilates Edge™

Ramp up the difficulty level of your workout and boost resistance and complexity to your daily routine by changing the angle of exercise with the Pilates Edge.

Athletic Conditioning
on the Pilates Edge™

Boost your workout by using toning balls while standing, sitting, kneeling or laying on the Pilates Edge. This powerful combination adds an extra element to strengthening the torso, arms and legs, and improves balance and coordination.




Rotational Disks

Add challenge and variety to your programming. Used on the mat or along with a Cadillac or Vertical Frame on Reformer, discover how the disks help test and improve balance and stability.

Pilates Off the Wall

When it comes to private or group training, try this brand new workout to rev up your routines. See how the revolutionary Spring Wall will add incredible variety to your Reformer, Matwork or Cadillac programming.

Breast Cancer Rehab on Equipment

These gentle and very specific exercises help restore mobility, improve posture and regain strength after breast cancer treatment. The best part will be helping your clients build endurance and take control of their recovery.




Essential Reformer,
3rd Edition

Build a strong foundation for your clients using STOTT PILATES Reformer equipment. The spring resistance will help tone and strengthen arms and legs and develop core stability for the body.

Intermediate Reformer
2nd edition

As the next step for clients who have mastered the Essential Reformer program, see and feel the complexity of Intermediate Reformer exercises designed to achieve a fit, strong, and toned body.

Advanced Reformer
2nd edition

At this level, the intensity of the workout will strengthen the entire body, increase speed and maintain fluidity. This is an ideal workout for personal training and performance enhancement.




At Home Series

Pilates for Men

Get the six-pack you’ve always wanted! It’s the
full-body workout that professional athletes swear by for overall conditioning, cross training and a strong, injury-resistant core.

Basic Pilates, 2nd edition

Get ready to develop a body that looks and feels great! This basic workout focuses on developing strength and flexibility. All you need is a Pilates mat and the desire to create flat abs, a strong back and sculpted arms and legs.

Mini Flex-Ball™ Workout

This intense workout will help personal trainers, group instructors and avid exercisers redefine skills and add challenge while focusing on precision and control of each movement with careful attention to breath and form.




Prenatal Pilates
on the Mat

This workout will help you stay strong and energized during your pregnancy. Exercise in comfortable positions while strengthening the abs and enhancing muscle tone. These exercises also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Post-Natal Pilates

Regain your pre-pregnancy shape faster with this energizing workout. Strengthen and flatten the abs while toning and sculpting your body. You’ll reactivate and strengthen deep stabilizing muscles with this post-natal exercise routine.

Pilates for Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Reintroduce your body to exercise following breast cancer treatment with this gentle STOTT PILATES workout. These specifically designed exercises using Toning Balls, will help begin to restore your mobility, improve your posture and increase your endurance while you're on the road to recovery.




Pilates on the Green,
Level 1

Advance your golf game with warm-ups and drills designed to improve your balance and flexibility for the course. Condition your body to engage the very muscles you need to drive that ball further down the fairway.

Pilates on the Green,
Level 2

Consider this the perfect pre-game warm-up! This routine will condition your body, help refine your technique and add distance to your shots on the fairway. A must buy for the avid golfer.



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