Professional Reformer

A favorite amongst health and fitness professionals, the Professional Reformer™ is suitable for all types of clients from athletes, to rehab recipients, to older adults, to regular fitness enthusiasts. It is most appropriate in a dedicated space and facilitates hundreds of effective full-body exercises making it ideal for both boutique studios and in-club Pilates studios. This Reformer is very versatile and allows for easier transition between exercises for efficient group and one-on-one training sessions.

This sturdy and comfortable Reformer now features an innovative retractable rope system which is extraordinarily adaptable and durable. The ropes setting mechanism is much easier to manipulate for quick rope length changes. This new system with recoil carriage and longer ropes adds increased range of motion and fluidity to exercises – providing more programming options.

The Professional Reformer also comes in an Extended model with an additional 6 inches in length to the supporting rails and carriage for those people wanting a longer machine and who are taller than 6'4".

Incredibly adaptable and durable, this sleek unit keeps all the essentials in mind: exceptional versatility to accommodate a range of body heights, sizes and abilities; superior construction for maximum safety and durability; and a whisper-smooth patented rolling mechanism to ensure precise and safe operation. With the retractable rope system in place, the Professional Reformer is easily upgradeable with a full function V2 Max Plus™ Reformer.


  • Footbar, spring tension gearbar and carriage stopping system adjust to regulate hip and knee flexion.
  • Robust footbar, wooden standing platform and pommel-style shoulder rests support a wide range of body weights.
  • Durable vinyl upholstery and dense EVA foam are built to last and provides maximum comfort and accurate proprioceptive feedback.
  • Carriage glides over enhanced double ‘C’ rails using a patented rolling mechanism for a smooth, friction-free ride.
  • Easy-roll wheels make moving and repositioning a breeze.
  • High quality materials and construction ensure superior stability and safety.
  • Built to withstand continuous, high-intensity studio use.
  • Equipped with 5 Reformer springs (4 full tension, one half tension), adjustable shoulder rests, soft Reformer loops & ropes, secure spring housing system.
  • 3 gearbar positions, 6 carriage stopping positions, 3 headrest positions, 4 footbar positions.









Height from floor












145 lbs


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Adjustable footbar

Adjustable four-position footbar drops easily into cradles to regulate hip and knee flexion.

carriage stopper

Adjustable six-position carriage stopper accomodates varying heights and abilities

Adjustable Gearbar

Gearbar slots into three different positions to adjust tension easily. Springs secure quickly and safely.


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